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God said:

It certainly seems that the world is too much with you too often. The thing is that you want plenty of everything. You want to ride the rapids while you also want to float on cool mountain streams. You want plenty of sunshine, and you desire plenty of the darkness of night too. You want it all while you want it, whatever it may be, when you want it. Confess, you love contrast, darlings. You want what you want when you want it, and, even then, you may not feel consoled. You want to direct traffic while, at the same time, you just want Life to happen. Beloveds, sometimes you give Life mixed signals.

If everything were your choosing, what would you choose? Not so sure, are you? What about choosing goodness and mercy for all? How about starting with that?

You might want to nix some occurrences that previously you had invited. Choosing Life inch by inch isn’t so easy as you would have thought. Of course, some matters you are positive about, yet you’re not positive about everything. Dear Ones, you simply don’t have enough information to positively know where something might lead you. You may have some fear that, left to your own devices, you might miss out on something, or, on the other hand, you could be up a creek. You may want to be a leader, yet find yourself stranded.

Of course, you paddle your own canoe as best you know how. At the same time, you don’t find yourself always at your best. How you would like it if there were no such things as best and least. At the same time, so-so wouldn’t do it for you either. You might really like to be ecstatic all the time. Even so, sometimes you require grazing fields where you can simply be and chew your cud.

You may hear that there is a season for everything. As much as you might complain about winter ice and snow, there is something in them for you. Just as you might rail about the summer heat, you do love the contrast, will you admit this? You may want everything at your leisure, yet, at the same time, you can’t keep changing your mind in the middle.

What would Life really be like when you could have your Life at your beck and call? It could be lopsided.

In any case, all this is daydream. You can’t lay down all the rules. You don’t know what could come from decisions you might make hither and yon. You wouldn’t be able to do away with thunderclouds because it is not your wont. Randomness could lack merit. In any case, although Humanity’s Consciousness can affect the weather, the Human Mind is not yet so savvy to know the extent to which you can withhold or unleash.

Have more trust in the Universe. It is a sound idea to trust in God. Give Me credit. There are decisions you are not yet ready to make except in foolishness. It may well be that the more you are sure you would know what you are doing, the more ignorant you might be. Yes, you could be foolish. Yes, you could indeed.

You may not yet fathom or appreciate the whys and wherefores of the world. This means nothing more than that. Beloveds, you are not as yet the Soothsayer of the World. Not by a long shot.

What genius would declare war? Isn’t declaration of war a folly? Allowing the point of war to become a contest could be the height of folly. No one can declare that war is a decision of brilliance. Stimulating, yes. Brilliant, no. Battle is not to be proud of.

First, make peace in your own heart.


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