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God said:

What is all this fuss in the world about? It can’t all be nonsense, can it?

You are not altogether above the world. You get your hem caught on a nail. You are stuck often enough. Instead of going where it matters and reaching where you want, you may spend time trying to get unattached from a nail you are caught on. So much time and trouble for not much.

Where is your time worth spending? Not just on getting away. Go for where you want to be. Your day has come. No more just hanging out where you happen to be. No more just sitting where you have been. Now get up and move forward.

Don’t panic. You are not asked to do more than you can do. What is meant to be yours to do is definitely attainable. There is no huge effort you have to undergo. Easy does it is to be your rule of thumb. Easy does it. Mosey along. Get thawed. Make hay while the sun shines.

Believe Me, for whom does the Sun shine? It shines for you.

Today is the day you come to Life. Today is the day you are immersed in get-up-and-go. Spontaneously, you do. Today is the day you get going. You begin to make a statement. You are not on a high horse, yet you get moving. What a good feeling this is – to be getting somewhere. You are not drifting in and out of consciousness. You are progressing by leaps and bounds. This is your day!

You have been waiting and watching for this day, and now it has come. You are on your way, even though you don’t quite have it down pat. This doesn’t matter, for the ice floes are breaking, and you are sailing downstream and getting a break in Life. You always kind of knew you were destined for great things, and now you are all set. You are getting locked in.

Your dreams are identifying themselves. You are getting started. You have reached the day when you move forward and discover what you are doing and why you are here doing it on Earth. Once started, there is no stopping you. You are here for something. You are not here for nothing.

Life moves you forward. You are on a serene path. What is asked of you is just right. This is your great entry into Life. This is your moment. You have been waiting for this. This is your debut, right in front of your eyes. You have gotten off that island you were moored in. Now you begin. You are getting ripe now. You are moving forward. This is it.

This is the day when you enter Life. This is the day you rise and shine and declare yourself a Citizen of Heaven. Today is the day you rise up out of the Ocean of Clear Sparkling Water. Today the Ocean and the Sunshine are the making of you. Warmth is in your Heart and on the land. Your Name is Love. You are Love Requited. You are on High. You fulfill all the Occasions of Life. Life is on the Rise. You are a Speaker of the Universe now.

Your individual self is beside the point from this day forward. Now you are a Forerunner of the World. You have announced yourself to your Self. You stand before Me in Our Radiance. You are disclosed now. The Truth is out. Truth prevails. Love prevails. You have caught up to what Love is in its True Dimensions. You are replete with Love.

Hallowed be thy Name.


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