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God said:

Dear Children, of course, I hear your thoughts going round and round.

I hear you say, if not time and time again, often enough all your crying out to Me:

“Dear God of Heaven, there are times when my heart feels empty, when I am devoid of belief in myself. I am so difficult to please that I am impossible to please. God, it is clear to me that I need to have more belief and confidence in myself.

“God, I do not always want to be in the world You created. Too often I feel miscast in the world. The best moments of My Life are my moments with You, not out in the world. It seems to me that the world, well, does not love me but finds me wanting. Is not your attention on Me enough? Is it value from the world I must have and do not?

“There is something in Life that I am missing. I think it is a kind of Life Sense. I keep thinking that others know more than I do. I seem to put faith in other people more than in myself. I listen to others too much, and then I’m sorry for the time and heartache I waste in so doing.

“Much of my Life is paved with regrets because I counted on others too much, or I don’t count at all on others when and where I might have been blessed to do so.

“Can it be that my grief is that I do not believe in my Connection to You, God, not enough? Can it be, despite other evidence, that I do not put my faith in You?

“God, there is no One else to put my Faith in but You. Yet I seem to hesitate. When I hesitate, I falter. There is something I am missing. There is something I lack.”

Beloved Children, you believe you are missing something. You have great faith in believing that you are missing something. This is an error of your intellect. The intellect of you puts too much faith in itself. Your intellect is not holy. You may even go so far as to say that you are misbefallen, that you are a Major Star of Heaven befallen.

Are you asking Me to extol you? It would seem that I cannot extol you enough. Do you consider Me unable to shake some sense into your head? If you do not believe in My Faith in you, yes, you are lacking Faith in Me. At the same time, Faith is not a stranger to you. Step over those fuzzy lines of doubt. Abandon doubt. No longer give doubt your belief. When you hold doubt close to your chest, you walk on a dark street.

Beloveds, I am the Light, and I shine My Light on you. Shed your Light on My Light. Open your eyes wide to see My Light Shining Brightly on you for all time, everywhere always. Surely, even in what you perceive as darkness, I am with you. I see no darkness.

Where else would I possibly shine My Light but on you?

Do you really imagine that I am asleep at the wheel?

What do I exist for but to shine My Light on you?

The Sun shines its Light on the world. The Sun never misses a day. The Sun eternally basks on Earth. Even if today it rains, the Sun is shining outright for you right around the corner. Am I less than the Bright Yellow Sun?

I do not ask you for more Faith than you can give. I do not ask you for Ultimate Faith. A Nugget of Faith goes far. Even a Seed of Faith settles the argument. Seeds are powerful. Even a little Seed of Faith traverses Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven where, here I AM, shining on you.



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