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God said:

For what reason would you, My Child, wander far afield? All the Green Pastures I offer to you — partake of these, My Offerings to you. Drink deep. Aspire and fulfill. What can hold you back but a little hiccup within you?

I give you all the Majesty that exists on Heaven and Earth. Do you really turn your nose up in the air as if to say that I hide treats from you? There cannot be more in Heaven or on Earth than I hold out to you now with My Arms Wide-Open. I do not withhold any good-hearted Beauty from you. I pour out all the Treasures of the Kingdom to you. I am not stingy. I offer all treasures to you.

Avail yourself of what I give. All the treasures are yours. Come to the waters to drink and then drink more. I fill up the troughs of the Universe to give you drink. I offer the Universe to you. I am replete with Abundance for you.

Where can a disconnection be in this honeyed world? All locks are open. No doors are barred. I say so to you, yet an argument arises in your mind. Consider, it is perhaps for you to unlock your mind from an avowal of inability.

What disconnect do you believe in, and why on Earth would you disavow God’s Plenty? Can you possibly be looking into the Garden of Eden and seeing a desert before you? Clean your glasses, Beloveds. Begin to see all there is to see.

The Kingdom of Heaven is full of all manner of wonderful manner of things. Why would you spend your time casting glances into dark corners? Look right into My eyes. I do not hide Myself from you, nor do I hide the treasures I put before you.

I have prepared a Feast for you. Come, admire the Fruit Trees of My Heart. All I bestow on you is for you. I set all treasures before you. There are no restrictions until your mind draws lines. I do not separate you from your Good. Why on Earth would you back away or dodge the sights I hold out before you?

There is enough for all. There is more than enough for all. I hide not the Treasures of Life from anyone. Do you believe I would single you out and pass over you? All the entrees I give to all.

I hear you respond: “Well, God, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, now, was I?”

Beloveds, enough looking at the Surface of the World. There is much more than what overtly appears before you. This is not a pep talk I give you. This is Truth.

The only one who can deny you is yourself. If you feel discarded, you have discarded yourself. It can only be you who believes:

“Not everything is possible. Impossibilities are rampant before me on Earth. Impossibilities are strewn before me, right and left. A miss is as good as a mile. Disappointments await me. I must say it like it is. Bad things lie in wait for me. Alas, so is the world that God has thrown me into.”

Now I suggest that, if you can blatantly say that all ills are possible for you, why cannot you equally say that all Treasures lie before you as well? It is you who has to say loud and clear:

“Everything is possible. All good is possible. All good is not possible just for others. All good is also possible for me. I am not a miscreant. I am a Son or Daughter of God, and all Good is on its way to me right now. I claim my Good Fortune. I am grateful for all the Treasures that are coming my way. I claim all my goodness as it strides right up to me. Hallowed be God in the Highest. I am no greater than anyone else, and no lesser than anyone am I either. The Lame shall walk. The Deaf shall hear. The Mute shall speak. If there is not one way, there is another. I am surrounded by miracles every day. I walk right up to accept the miracles God sets before me.

“For Heaven’s sakes, God, why wouldn’t I?”



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