Could Life Be a Crocodile? | Heavenletters


God said:

From where you sit, you don’t know how Life can explain itself and its varied appearances and reappearances. It seems to you that Life walks on stage any way it wants. It’s difficult to see that Life takes responsibility for its actions, reactions, or inactions, yet, all the while, it is Life that holds all the cards.

Life seems to trudge along or leap along regardless of what you think of it. You see contradiction and a lack of merit in how Life plays its cards. You have not always seen Life bend over backwards to be helpful to you.

The Mechanics of Life are a mystery. The whys and wherefores seem to be obscured if not outright uncalled for, as you see it.

You may lie back, yet Life always furrows ahead. Life has so much vitality and drive. You have never found Life napping.

You may have wondered on occasion whether Life is a crocodile who smiles at you just before he snaps you up. Are you just to be a tasty tidbit for a sly crocodile? How on Earth can Life hop, skip, and jump around as if without a care in the world and leave you in a quandary?

Who on Earth could dream up what Life gives? Life can do whatever it feels like. There can be no explanation for Life, yet you may wish that Life would explain itself to you if not give you a full apology forthwith. It cannot be right that Life treats you as it has on one occasion or another.

No matter, this is all play. I, God, am speaking to you, yet you doubt.

Life seems to play a game of poker and runs off having won the pot, as if this is a good joke on you. Life seems to scrimmage right along without as much as a by-your-leave. Sometimes, you feel crushed by a massive shoe with cleats.

It’s hard for you to be deadpan about Life as it appears. Either you laugh, or you cry, or you pound the table, or you fall in a little pile. You can protest all you want, yet Life just keeps doing its thing.

You would love Life to come up All Roses, yet you hear a chorus of crickets who insist otherwise. You were inveigled or entrapped. You are sure you were not always given a fair chance.

And, yet, you hear a faint echo that resounds that you, yourself, are the one who eggs Life on to orchestrate what Life looks like and how it proceeds in an unseemly manner.

“Surprise!” Life says.

Yet it’s no surprise to you that, once again, Life has taken advantage of you and shown you no mercy.

Beloveds, it’s not so easy for you to be true to yourself when you don’t really know who you are.

If you were clearer about who you are and why you are alive in the world, if you could see yourself as I do see you, your Life would cast a different light.

All right then, you may not see how different Life on Earth can be so long as death continues operating. So far as you can see, you will be left holding the bag. So far as you can see, you see no way to shrug off death and say it’s permissble. You are tired of weeping.

Listen to My reply, dear ones:

Ah, when you see the Light you are, Life may well configure itself differently. How will you lead Life then? What do you change within you that Life, this vagabond, might change its mind and alter the Course of this, your Life?

Of all possibilities, order what you desire. This is how you increase the odds in your favor. Go for it.