Help Each Other to the New Earth ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have listened to the prayers that humanity has been offering for quite some time. We are familiar with your desires. You have allowed yourselves to experience a myriad of changes while you are awaiting this new Earth that you want to create and experience, and there is a great deal of effort on your part to bring about the changes to let in all that you’ve been asking for.

What is most important at this time, however, is that you look to help each other. When you give and receive help to and from other humans, you create a deepening of the unity that is so natural to the human race. And that is how you are going to assist one another in the bringing about of the new Earth that you want to inhabit. It is going to be an Earth of cooperation. It is going to be an Earth of collaboration, and it is going to be an Earth of sharing.

You all chose different skill sets so that you would need each other, so that you would each complete a piece of the puzzle, and so that you would connect with one another. Think about the amount of planning that has gone into putting each and every human on planet Earth at this precise time. Think about how wonderful it is that you have some people who are thriving most when they are working with technology and other people who are thriving most when they are gardening and farming and working with the land.

You have every type of profession and every type of professional in just the right amount to create a balance of opportunity and plenty of opportunities for helping each other. See what you can do for each other without needing to have an even exchange or reciprocation so that you can get used to this idea of trusting that you will be taken care of, that the person or persons that you need to help you accomplish something will come along.

Trust that the energy you put out will come back to you and will come back to you with love, not obligation. And you will find yourselves living on that new Earth before you know it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


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  1. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    To assist all of us in manifesting ‘heaven on Planet Earth Gaia’ for the coming ‘Golden Age era’ is to only focus on positive outcome and situation/s. This is much like ‘day dreaming’ only of positive, beautiful and loving experiences in our everyday living. ‘Day dreaming’ is also a way to manifest your dreams but Be aware of what you’re ‘dreaming’ of and to be ‘precise’.

    Our beautiful Angelic Kingdom and our higher selves won’t know what or much we desire to manifest.

    Focus on what we want and NOT on what we don’t want.

    E.g. – If you focus on what you don’t want, the Universe will manifest it too!! Pure and simple concept.

    Easy way to manifest is to keep playing it over and over again .. a lovely short movie/play of having a joyful and fun time with your families and friends in a park/garden/beach ..bbq-ing, playing games/freesbie, sketching or drawing, making sand castles, water skiing etc etc.

    Next .. think of another movie/play – doing other happy stuff .. like gardening, making crafts, or baking . . or cooking .. or eating having a buffet .. enjoying, smiling and laughing sharing memories etc.

    You’ll be very surprised at how powerful your thoughts are once it’s connected to your heart with love, joy, peace etc. Any emotions/feelings of ‘fear’ (pain, envy, jealousy, lack etc) are not from the ‘heart’ but of the fake 3rd and 4th dimensions.

    Anything that is filled with positive focus in love, joy, peace etc .. is from the heart and it’s connected to the 5th dimension of divine energy. We are transiting from the 3rd .. passing the 4th and arriving at the 5th dimension. We (the lightworkers) feel and ‘know’ that we are almost at the door step of the 5th dimension.

    That’s why more and more of the general populace aren’t focusing and watching TV on the regular lame media news of disinformation, war, division, fear, terrorism, murder and dying of famous people whom some poor souls consider them as ‘idols’ … all these are pure ‘distractions’ to obstruct your path towards higher consciousness.

    Know this!!! The govt and the big corporations (or the company you’re working for now) and the extremely rich people are not helping humanity to ‘ascend’ towards higher consciousness.

    You are and have to do it on your own!!

    No one … No one can do that for you.

    Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki Blessings to All As One – Swift Ascension towards 5th Dimension of All Beings on Planet Earth Gaia. And so it is. Namaskar

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  2. Thanks for the comments. For me, it’s been getting easier to realize and then change any ‘fear’ based thinking that may arise within me once I realize that’s what’s happening. Just within this past year, I see much of what we have and/or are being told about almost everything as requiring further investigation to even come close to the ‘truth’. May all our ‘higher selves’ lead the way to discover truth for all. ❤ Denise


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