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God said:

There is a Sanctity to Life. Consider Life as Holy. What could Life, this Myriad of Life, be but Holy?

Holy be My Name, and Holy be yours.

I will tell you frankly that there is no need for unholy. People may become irate and consider Life to be unholy and themselves unholy and to justifiy themselves to think so.

People may say: “Someone said this or that. Someone gave me an unflattering look. Someone disdained me. Someone doesn’t think well of me. Someone can’t treat me that way and get away with it.”

How pride raises its haughty head and does away with bare civility.

This is not the Life I had in mind for you. This is poor thinking and emotion. Such vacant pride is not advantageous. Did you think it was? Pride in goodness has merit. Pride in doing what is right is good. Sometimes you will do well to think about again in terms of what is good for the world and what is not. Shining Light is a very good thing. Keeping malice and heartache reduces you.

Arrogance doesn’t shine Light. Arrogance diminishes Light. Arrogance stomps out Light.

I said: “Let your Light shine before men. You are part of mankind.”

I said: “Forgive those who have not forgiven you.”

Dear Ones when, within you, you are truly happy in Life and happy with yourself, you won’t carry grudges. You won’t ever even think of it. It is always away from Truth to blame anyone for your distress.

It is your choice to be downtrodden or not. You are not helpless nor are you hapless. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. It is not meant for you to be thoughtless any more than it is for you to be heartless.

If your heart has shrunken, extend your heart now. Don’t close your heart as if this were a righteous thing to do. Open your heartstrings. Stretch them like a rubber band. No longer are you to allow your heart to grow sloppy. Your heart is to be open until it makes room for all. It is for you to expand your heart as well as the hearts of others.

How many other hearts have you expanded today? Upon whose lives did you shed joy today? What songs did you sing from the rafters today? How did you treat the low in spirit today? What Light did you shine and upon whom?

No longer dally in Life and wait for a more convenient day. No longer even think of inconvenient. Think of goodness and mercy as something you give back to the Universe as a way of giving thanks. Grace is not for you to spatter here and there. You are to give. Giving means to give generously.

You are not a pauper who has to give sparingly.

Open your eyes to the Beauty within you and multiply it and never stop. Never close your fist. Open your hands, and let Greatness flow from you the way waves lap the water.

Be done with holding back your Love. Don’t wait for even one more day before you pour out your love. You are here to pour Love out. Spend your Love. Spread your Love. This is how you keep your Love alive and well. Certainly not by sitting on your love. How would you ever profit by stinting your love?

What is My Will for you to do but to invite all hearts and souls to your heart and to your soul? Do you see this now?

Have an impulse to spread My love wherever you go. Where else does your Love come from, after all? You can even send Love to and fro other lands and to other times. Be a well-wisher where you happen to be. Where you are is where you are needed, not somewhere else. Right where you are this moment is where you, the best of you, is to establish yourself. Right here and now.


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    The use of Forgiveness (the Violet Flame) will also free you from karmic debt. Whenever someone tries to hurt you, it is a reflection of something that needs to be healed. By using the Violet Flame, the energy will be transformed, transmuted and returned to its rightful balance. It doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is or was, as much of this “karma” is rebalancing from not just this lifetime but from the many others spent upon this dense planet.

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