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God said:

Beloveds, analyzing is not always in your best interest. Remember heart over mind. It is in your heart that Life occurs. Any appraisal is an afterthought. Your appraisal – your surgery, if you will — is often not in your best interest.

Live Life and move on to the next bend in the road.

Life is not something to calculate in retrospect. If you spend time in your canoe paddling backwards – where does that take you?

Dear Ones, most of My Children on Earth carry the idea that Life is obligated to serve you, the individual, in the manner in which you would like. You want what you want. Naturally, you do, yet be wary of the concepts of anticipation and expectation.

Expectation can be bossy. Anticipation paints a picture you would like and admire. Expectation is pushy. Expectation demands. Expectation is a gangster’s approach. The gangster signals: “My way, or else!”

Expectation gives a determined course, as if it is yours by right. The gangster is often taking money and Life as if they are up for grabs. He exhorts them. He threatens: “Your money or your Life.”

In Life, it happens that some of My Children, when they don’t get their way, threaten Life or even Me, God. It takes moxie to make such a bluff. What hold do you think you hold over Me, dear misguided ones? In your distress at certain circumstances, you offer ultimatums! Let’s face facts. With what can you threaten Me?

You do have power, beloveds. You do have strength. It is the Strength of Love. It is the strength of putting your shoe on the right foot. Withdrawal of whatever you would withdraw from Me is a hollow threat. What is this “or else” that you expect to scare Me with, Foolish child?

As with most arguments in Life, you hurt yourself.

First of all, if your ultimatum is to withdraw from Me, you can’t do that. Our connection is greater than empty words.

You fear the worst, whatever the worst is to you. There is worse than what you may be facing. Anyway, where lies blame of others for what may come down to your temporary folly?

I am not going to rob from Peter to pay Paul or you. Nor is it My desire to throw you in debtor’s prison. Beloveds, if you cut down a tree, by what Divine Right do you demand that I put it back together again?

Forget blame altogether. Be high-spirited. Trusting in God does not mean all your desires have to be met. Oh, yes, there are Miracles. Dear Ones, you cannot always pick and choose your Miracles. Be glad, be grateful, yet don’t go under the pretense that you must be obeyed.

Nor do I mean in the least that nice words from you in exaltation of Me will favor your chances. I do not ask for a performance from you. It is not like the more you pay Me, the more I will give you.

Dear Ones, know the difference between rights and privilege.

Remember, you do not own Me.

Now then, there are times when My Children are innocent. A mother’s baby dies. From the view of the world, there is no way to justify this. That also means there is no way for the mother to blame herself. A confluence of trajectories met and created this that seems unforgivable. There is more to all stories than blame.

In any case, this is quite a different story from your losing your riches at the gambling table or at the stock market or your sitting waiting for Me to intervene on your behalf.

There is a great deal that the world considers tragic, yet there are tragedies and tragedies. Beloveds, in some cases, a fallen hem is a tragedy.

Alas, everything in the world is relative. No matter what, be good-spirited where blame is not to enter.


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