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God said:

Refrain from asking: “What is the meaning?”

This includes: “What is the meaning of this great blessing?”

This includes: “What is the meaning of this great tragedy?”

The meaning is Life. The meaning is variable: This is how you saw this episode at this moment in this imagined place and time.

Later on, you may see a different meaning. Beloveds, why do you have to know? An inquiring mind is not always a blessed mind.

Whatever you learn from an experience, you learned it. What you make of it is another thing. Anyway, the experience is past. You don’t have to grasp the experience tightly between your teeth. Let the past go also means to let go of your having to find a meaning in it. The meaning is it happened once upon a time. You grew from it to a certain measure, whether you can identify the meaning or the measure of it or not.

What if I told you that every experience holds a benefit for you regardless. Every ache, every pain, was looking out for you. Not only the ideal wished-for experiences are blessings. This seems far-fetched to you. If you could see into Infinity, you wouldn’t even think of a question to ask. Questions are not always such a great thing.

Here’s one meaning:

Be glad you are alive in this passage on Earth and can have experiences whether you judge them as good or not so good or very very bad. Experience is experience. Living Life is living Life.

In one sense, it can be said that there is no meaning that you have to assign to anything. The meaning is the experience itself. Of course, you interpret the meaning. It is undoubtedly one meaning out of a possible one hundred meanings.

We can go so far as to say: The meaning is what you attribute to it. This is the meaning you go by, at least for a while. The meaning you assign to it is what you go by.

Whether someone is a friend or a foe is rather a decision you make. True or false, you make it. The decision didn’t fall out of the sky. Something pleased you, or something displeased you. You yourself are the scale you weigh Life on and the scale you weigh people on. You assign a number. You decide you are glad or sad or angry.

In fact, your interpretation is a painting you paint. You choose the colors. You choose fire-engine red or a lovely rose color. In the final analysis, you are the chooser of your Life as you see it.

Choose gold, beloveds. It’s there.

Cast not out friends because your mind landed on hard feelings. You make your feelings hard. No one else can enter your mind and make these decisions for you. Admit to the possibility that you can choose amiss.

Admit that you are not always the hero. You can also be the anti-hero, predicated on your glance and perhaps what you wanted to find. Haven’t you sometimes looked for a grudge to hold or a past friend to be done with? There is a stage play that goes on in your mind. Despite what you ordinarily call reality, this stage play exists in your mind.

If you are the friend thrown away, this is also your scenario.

What other people may think or do is your opinion.

Beloveds, there is no “out there.” There is only within. Within you is the only place where your story unfolds. This is how there can be a thousand different versions colored in by your eyes.


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