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God said:

A friend in the world is someone who wishes you well, yet friends do not always stay by your side, nor do you always stay by another’s side.

Some friends just fade away. It happens. It was never an intent, yet two friends lose touch. It does not have to happen, yet it happens. This is one Wheel of Life. It is a dance. Two come close. They hold hands. And then they step away and twirl in other directions. There is no law against this.

Whether you want to stay a buddy or not, remain a friend who wishes a former friend well. It is not for you to wish hurt to any other in your peeve. It can only be yourself who makes yourself angry. It is you who breathes negativity into your lungs.

You are also privy to making mistakes. It is one thing to be thoughtless. It is another thing to wishfully deliberately desire to dismiss another’s heart because your feelings have been hurt. You will show them. You may feel that it serves them right. How dare they treat you so lightly.

Remember uppermost: Do no harm. Be not hurtful. Uplift the world. Be well-intentioned.

A friend can offend you without being aware, even thinking he is being a good friend, and you can take it amiss. This has happened more than once. You are not to be hard-hearted.

When you find yourself wanting to retaliate, there is no justification. A hardened heart is not any kind of saving grace. It does not do you honor. Be careful about being high and mighty. You are not lord over any other.

You don’t have to continue a friendship. You also don’t have to light a fuse to cease a friendship. Watch yourself. Follow My Will. Make Peace in your Heart.

You don’t have to impose upon yourself the company of anyone who is no longer welcome to your heart, nor must you have to hug another when you don’t want to. By the same token, you don’t have to throw mental arrows at another either, for this is not victory but defeat.

When your heart is hurt, I am sorry. When you wish to slice another in two, I am sorrier. I desire you to give peace. Of course, you see your ire as righteous. Too often righteousness is mean. When you are mean in your heart toward any other, you are revealing smallness, did you know that? No accolades for smallness.

There is no excuse for low-ranking words. There is no excuse for wishing ill. What were you thinking, if you were thinking at all?

Is it possible you were dissatisfied with your friend before he offended you? How long might you have been storing resentment perhaps? If you feel you must, withdraw your friendship kindly, and cease your judgment. To hurt innocently is one thing. To hurt with intention is another.

You know I am going to tell you that clenching your teeth and your heart and having to have the last word is unworthy of you. Where would your need to tell someone off come from? Why might you have to stick a knife into someone else’s heart?

If apologies are owed, you may be overdue in that department.

When someone may offend you and had no idea whatsoever to offend you, when he had meant only good will, why would you snarl? Nip this tendency in the bud. Good Will is not ill-will.

Raise your spirits.

Dear Sons and Daughters, remember Me, and what can the matter be?


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