Hurray for Life! | Heavenletters


God said:

What exactly is it that you are sure you are missing? You may not hold everything, yet, you, Beloveds, are everything. You are the very Existence of Existence itself.

What if you could reconcile yourself to the thought that you are not missing out on anything? What if not-ness does not exist even as you lack a roof over your head? Even if you failed in geometry class? Even if you were let go from your job? Even though your wife left you? Even if you are bereft and never have had the feeling or the idea that you even once had all you wanted?

Feeling lofty is not the same as what is called Ascension. Enlightenment isn’t always the Great Occasion you thought it would be. All these Natural and Marvelous Fruits of Life on Earth are not always what you thought they were to be like. There is reaching Great Heights, and there is knowing you are at the Great Heights. Your thoughts may lag behind according to your perception of Life.

There is such a hullabaloo about the fiction of death on Earth even as part of you is aware that death isn’t actually the big deal everyone seems to think it is. You may not even love Life on Earth that much, yet you are deeply attached to your Life on Earth, as though it were meant to mean everything to you. Life on Earth is a phase. A phase means temporal. What in the world is not temporal on Earth?

A tulip bulb that lives under the soil is doing well. It flourishes. Soon enough it pushes through the soil to announce Spring to the world. A tulip bulb is alive whatever phase it is in. And so are you.

You are alive even before you are seen. You are alive in the Sun or in the shade. There is an essence of you that is you regardless of whether you are a baby or in your nineties. What is considered young or old in the world varies. Young and old are opinions. Alive or not alive are your assembled thoughts.

You are a thought. You are thought of or are not thought of. Your thoughts have nothing to do with the Truth of your Being. With no thought at all, still you are Being. You don’t have to flounce around in the world in order to be alive. Indeed there are the Sounds of Music and the Heart of Your Soul that resound notwithstanding – not withstanding – anything!

That which you can touch with your hand isn’t more real than what your hand cannot touch. Do you believe Me? All the five senses are just senses. They are beloved senses. The senses enrich your Life on Earth. Enjoy them. You do not have to hold them in your hand.

Nevertheless regardless of all to-do surrounding the importance of senses, the senses are not everything. They are not essential to your existence. With or without the senses, you exist.

You can never not exist. You exist without your permission or anyone’s permission. You never were not, and never will you ever not be. To be dead is an impossibility. You are alive. You are immortal. You don’t have to have a body to encase your soul. Your body is a mere coating. You are the Essence of Life Itself. Hurray for Life!

Hurray for the harried world!

Hurray for diversity. May bells ring.

Hurray for Oneness whatever it may look like to you.

Hurray for mistakes and Hurray for those who make them.

Hurray for those who cheer.

Hurray for those who care enough to be disgruntled.

Hurray for the concept of death that can only be a concept and never a Reality.

Hurray for birth.

Hurray for Life!

Long may you appreciate Life!