Breathe the Breath of Inspiration | Heavenletters


God said:

We do not require formality between Us. It is natural for Us, for you and Me, the One of Us, the One of One, to frolic in the Green Pastures.

Come, the One of Us Whom I will address as We for the sake of all who may be new to this Truth. This way so I can spell it out, and all they may witness this Profound Truth of Oneness that We are privy to and that does not exist between Us. There is no between Us. We are Oneness pure and simple.

For Us (One) to hold hands, to recognize that together as One is exactly Who We are and are meant to be and to revel in. Beloveds, whether your conscious awareness sinks into all Who are My beloved Sons and Daughters or not — look, in Oneness We are and forever abide regardless of whatever you or anyone may think.

Our Oneness which doesn’t lie between Us but rather soars as the Oneness of Oneness, this Pure Oneness that We are and have ever been – this is Our Everyday Experience. Never has it been otherwise. Our Being Together as One is not isolated or rare or unexpected. It is wonderful, yes!, and it is also Our True Oneness. Our True Oneness is not unheard of and does not come forth as a surprise whatsoever unless you imagine We are apart from each other in the first place.

Of course, if you think you and I are separate and not One, well, you are mistaken. I say not sadly mistaken! I say rather blessedly mistaken! Good this is your error and, therefore, untrue! Good fortune is good fortune even when you don’t see it. Beloveds, you are the Blessed of the Blessed.

Hallelujah! We are One. Sing it out. Catch on to this and then remember it forevermore.

If you see Our Oneness as a Miracle, of course, you are right. C’mon, everything in the world is a Miracle. Existence itself is a Miracle, yet it is an everyday Miracle. It is extraordinary, yes, yet, at the same time, it is common everyday knowledge. Keep this knowledge close to you.

Everybody receives Miracles. Everyone is a Miracle. Everyone. Every single human Being on Earth, including you — you are not only a part of Miracle-Making – you ARE a Miracle to behold, and I behold you. I am looking into your eyes right now, Blessed Miracle of Mine blown into Existence on whatever plane you may be on.

To feel Love, even if only once, is a Miracle. I ask you to accept your full Bounty of Miracle and never forget it. How could you possibly find your personal self on Earth unless a Miracle blew you here?

Pay attention, Dear Beloved Ones, to your recognition of the Miracle-ness that you are and which is clearly Common Sense. Certainly your recognition of what is so is the same as coming to your senses. You don’t have to remind anyone else Who you are. You have to remind yourself, your so-called little self who seemingly wanders here and there over hill and dale.

Dear Delights of My Heart, you — who wish to be inspired – you have never been without the Breath of Inspiration. I blew the Breath of Inspiration into you from My Very Breath the first moment you entered My Heart. I blew it into you, and I tell you now unequivocally that you are here to breathe out My Inspiration from the Fullness of your Soul.

You are an inspired Soul who is here on Earth to inspire the world so the world can reveal itself once more as the Garden of Eden, or, whatever you want to call it.