Panning for Gold | Heavenletters


God said:

Look for the gold. It exists.

When you are digging a gold mine, you don’t dig for tin. You don’t look for plastic either.

Consider Life as though you are digging for gold, or consider Life as though you are panning for gold in a mountain stream or are about to.

Look for the gold, and it will come to you.

This isn’t high intensity mining We are speaking of. Let gold be the stance you come from. It isn’t as if you have a quota you must fulfill. Be easygoing about finding the gold. You are set in the direction of gold. You are certainly not mining for coal. Coal has served a purpose, yet gold is what you look for now and claim.

It can happen that you find gold without looking for it. However, you are more likely to win at cards when you are playing cards than when you’re not.

By now, you’re onto fool’s gold and aren’t so easily taken in as you might once have been. Yet if you are taken in by fool’s gold, you might as well have a good laugh at yourself.

Finding the gold in Life is easier than finding a wife right for you, yet you can find a right wife for you, too. Have some clues as to what you want to fill your Life on Earth with to overflowing.

Of course, there are many kinds of gold awaiting you. There are many kinds of gold for you to share, just as there are many good kinds of horses to run with and to say Giddy-yap to.

There are many choices in Life to make. In one sense, all the choices you make are good, even when they do not turn out what you call well. Now you know, and now you keep going. You won’t go on a troublesome road again if you can help it. You keep your eyes looking high. Living Life can have some mistakes. Life is not about avoidance. Life is about finding out.

In Life, you can only find out. So what if you trip over yourself. You can be down for the count. What do you care? Get up.

In one sense, you can forget where you put the gold. Nevertheless, as it is said, there is gold in “them thar” hills.

All the while, as you lead Life or are led by it, you keep your picture of the horizon of gold that is in front of you and waits for you.

Here is the point: All is gold. It may not seem so, yet all is gold. If you think what you have received is not gold, then, perform alchemy, and turn tin into gold. Tin can be a stepping stone that leads you to gold.

There is a rainbow waiting for you. You can ride a rainbow and see the gold in it.

The Sun that shines emblazes you in gold. Ultimately, the gold you seek shines on you and is pocketed in you. You are the gold you seek. And you are the gold you mine, and you are the gold you find. You are never without gold.

We can easily exchange the word gold for God. God is what you will find and claim. Or you will trip over Me. Sooner or later, I, God, will walk into your Life, and you will know without reservation that you have come across Me.

Who finds Whom? Finding God and finding gold in Life are both inevitable. Where I am, so are you. What I am made of, so are you made of.

Keeping your eye on Me is akin to keeping your eye on the gold. Keeping your eyes and ears on Me is better.