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God said:

That which is called Enlightenment is a natural progression. It is inevitable. As sure as the Sun rises every morning, Enlightenment will also arise within you. It is included in your birthright. It comes to you at My Behest.

Anyway, Enlightenment is a part of you right now as We speak. Stay in step with Me.

When I say Enlightenment will arise within you, I mean Enlightenment will come to your awareness of all that which you already are. You are My Divine Child no matter what you think of yourself or whatever ways the world might think of you. I am the Director here.

But, ah, for you to have the actual awareness of the True State of Affairs is another story, and one which bodes well. All is within your grasp right now. So grasp it.

Everything is connected. No one is unconnected or disconnected from Me. The Awareness of Enlightenment Bells ring throughout the Universe. Look at you! One more Enlightened Being to resurge the Glow of Light. One more Enlightened Being to rack up all the pool shots in the Name of Peace. One more Enlightened Being to change the world before you. Other Great Beings cast their Light without much ado, so why not you? Dare to, dear Friend.

The thing is you are as familiar with yourself as you are with an old portrait. Maybe you just don’t want any upheaval. You may feel it is better to live the Life you know than to take on the Life you don’t know. What if you can’t get back to where you were? What if you don’t want to have the responsibility of being Enlightened? Why do you have to see differently from how you have always seen? What if you are not so gaga about being Enlightened as everyone else seems to be? You don’t want to have dug too deep a hole for yourself and not get a fair exchange. You didn’t notice a money-back guarantee. If a change were not be so momentous, you might be open to trying it out in installments.

Can you bring yourself to trust a little more? If not total trust, a tiny bit more?

Beloveds, your hands are not tied behind your back.

You just haven’t as yet woken up from this continuous and contiguous dream you have been accustomed to dreaming. Your dream was so real, you thought the dream had to be true, whether it were all peaches and cream or not. Why did past thinking have to be proclaimed as true and you left on your own without coming to attribute a new picture of yourself? Perhaps a new picture of yourself seems farfetched or flamboyant to you.

As it may presently be, you are attached to these random old thoughts about yourself. You have been a featured star. You had this chosen identity all your Life. Even if you had been the pauper, you didn’t want to change in order to become the Prince. The pauper was real to you whereas the Prince was not. You may think you would feel out of place as the Prince. Better to stick with what you know rather than to even lie down in green pastures.

You have convinced yourself that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You are confident that you are to remain as you have thought you were and not have a revolution in your mind about how you will see yourself in the World. You don’t want to upset the apple cart. You may want Life to stand old hat even as I beckon you to Me.

Dream your dreams for Me, Beloveds.



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