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God said:

Sure, Beloveds, have a degree of solicitousness for others, yet don’t overdo it. You don’t have to outdo everyone else in this Drama of Life you play in.

Dear Ones, it is not a tribute to you to see anyone as less than you. This is not courtesy from you nor is this to be your fulfillment. Serve in order to serve others.

As for concern for yourself and your sensitivity, you are not a hothouse flower that requires extraordinary attention and special favor. You are a hardy rose.

Yes, by all means, enjoy Life. Let enjoyment be a by-product of your Life. To enjoy is a priority, yet you are here for more than your own personal refreshment.

Be good to yourself, yet forgo pampering yourself. Go for a massage or whatever, yet you, yourself, as an individual, are not the be-all and end-all of your Life. You are greater than how you feel at any given moment. The purpose of your Life is grander than you may have ever thought. Have a bigger view now. You are part of a Grand Creation.

The aim of your Life isn’t for you to pick flowers all day. It is also your privilege to give to others from your heart some of the flowers you pick, not by decree of the world but by your own decree.

There is more to you than meets the eye.

Goodness and mercy do not mean that you are to be over-solicitous. You do not give all of yourself away. I am an advocate of service, yet you are not to sacrifice. You have nothing to prove. You have everything to Be.

In the natural progression, you would not be thinking in terms of giving or not giving, you understand. Nor is Life a directed action to prove your ability to give unto others. Your ability to love and your ability to give are not meant to be thought-out efforts. Loving and giving are not machination. Your ability to love is not set out in order to make you big man on campus, you understand. A good deed unnoted by the world is still a good deed.

To come from your heart does not mean you are maudlin. Nor does coming from your heart mean you must think Life through and measure your deeds. Live more than you measure.

Have no regrets. You don’t have to live your Life according to rules that others impose. You are not a cipher. Count yourself in. Serving Me and serving others do not represent giving your Life away. Nor does serving Me mean that you must hold your Life tightly to you. Live your Life.

Living Life isn’t something to measure or debate. Fulfillment doesn’t come from others’ approval of you. Enjoy approval, yet don’t require pats on the back any more than you welcome being criticized. You will grow on your own accord as well as at My behest.

In Life, it is not always clear what is the best action for you to take. You don’t have to be all this and all that. You don’t have to be the fairest of all, nor do you have to be a middle-of-the-roader.

The Great Spiritual Ones simply led their lives. They were not high and mighty. They just lived. They lived Who they were. They served by being themselves. They were not robots of Goodness, you understand. Never were they artificial. They were nothing but themselves. Nearer to God were they, yet they may never strived to perform Greatness. Greatness fell to them. You might say Greatness was their duty, yet they were driven by love. All Great Ones are the Truth of themselves and none other.



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