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God said:

You ride in a passenger train unto Eternity. You ride through hill and dale. You ride through forests, and you ride through mountains, the tundra, all kinds of terrain. There is nowhere you have eluded. This includes all of Heaven. You are a stranger to nothing. Nothing is foreign to you. Nothing is misplaced. There is nowhere you have not traversed. There is no one you have not met. There is no one you don’t know.

However, the least you know about at the present is yourself. You seem to have seen yourself as a straggler, a bumbler, someone out of sorts who can’t seem to carry happiness around, at least not for long – someone who seems to throw a bottleneck into Life right and left.

About seems like such an inconsequential word, and, yet, you are not yet adequate to capture what you are about.

You are greater than the most beautiful woven table cloth. You are greater than any silk in the world. You are Greater than you begin to give yourself or Me credit for. You sit at the King’s table. You are the Great Table that the Universe sits on. You sit at the Table of Yourself, and you are greater than this.

At the outset, you are for sure Greater than your belief in yourself. This goes without saying, for you do not accept your worth. You blush and turn your face away.

In Life, you seek to find what you are about. You look at others in order to discern yourself. You tend to topple your beliefs. You lay your beliefs on the table of yourself, and then you sweep then off the table with your arm. Then you call yourself bereft. You say Life mowed you down and that you must have deserved what you got, or not deserved it.

Not at all. You merit all the Treasures of the Kingdom. It isn’t that you merited all the treasures once upon a time, nor does this mean you merit all the treasures only later. You merit them now. I say you are worthy, and you say almost proudly and self-assuredly that you are unworthy.

What is this game you play? You want your worth proven to you when your worth is yours across the board and you have never been without it? There is nothing you have to prove. You just have to be the Glory that you are.

If you were born, you were worthy to be born. If you are alive, you are worthy to be alive. And when your body drops away, you are worthy to be present in Heaven once again from where you began and where you return.

Come, sit next to Me. Sit at the right hand of God. Always you have sat next to Me. Always have I served you. Always have you served Me. Never have you been away from Me. Recognize Who you are and your value to the World and to My Heart. To My Heart.

What is not in the Heart of God? My Heart is everywhere. What is your Heart but Mine? Our One Heart extends and reaches itself. There are no other Hearts. There is One Heart, and it is Mine. I can’t give it to you because We already share the Love that encircles the Universe. We plighted Our Troth long ago, and We never stopped. We accepted, and We gave. We accept, and We give. We are. We have given. We have given all and have just begun.

Indeed, there is limitless room in the Heart of God. My Heart is the Kingdom. There is nowhere that We – I – do not meet. I meet everywhere. I can only meet with My Self. We meet everywhere. Thou art My Very Self.


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