No más. No más. No More. | Heavenletters


God said:

There are many shades of meaning to the concept of being courageous.

Be anointed and ready to be heroic when heroism is called for. Being heroic is often spoken of as saving someone’s Life. That’s good. There are many depths of meaning to saving lives.

Be heroic and save your own Life. Save your own Life from any more complaining. Courage is an aspect of absence from complaint. Never again complain. Don’t even let that tone of voice creep into your speech. If you hear yourself with a plaint, stop right in the middle. Go no further. NO, absolutely NO, no more feeling sorry for yourself. Voiced or not, nowhere are plaints to exist within you, a Child of Mine. You were not created for moaning and groaning. A good complainer, do not be.

Why not? Because complaint is a waste of Life. You might as well chew a slow poison. At this very moment, allow No Complaining to infringe upon you or the world. Be done with plaints right now. No more. Drop the whole subject.

Beloveds, you may sometimes even complain about eating too much, have you not! And you do this when there is someone else in the world who is hungry.

If you are someone else in this world who is hungry and you want more food to eat, don’t complain about not having enough food. Enjoy what you eat, and be done. Even in jest, complaining is going out of style once and for all. Be done with old sad songs.

It is not in your best interest to complain, nor is it in your best interest to listen to others’ complaints. No longer go around in circles with complaining. Expand your vision. Complaining contracts your vision. It makes you small.

You may even wonder: Good grief, what do you talk about unless you rattle off complaints? Complaining is like an ingrown toenail. You don’t want it. You don’t want to subject yourself to it. It is not a favor to anyone to keep saying, “Ouch.”

No more: “Woe is me.” No more do you say to yourself, “Poor me,” or to anyone else: “Poor you.” This is not the light you want to shed the world in. Nevermore.

Remind yourself that Life is an adventure. Life is a road you walk on. Whatever is the road you walk on, walk on it. Don’t trip yourself up. Don’t ponder it so much. So the road you walk on has pot holes? Step over them and keep walking. Live Life. Don’t bemoan it.

If you are going to hum a tune, make it lively. No more dirges. No more lining up to see who has the most or worst aches and pains. It is not a contest. To everyone I say:

If Life were a contest, this isn’t a contest you want to win.

Do you really enjoy the intricacies of telling yourself a bedraggled life story? Drop the subject now. What a simple thing to do to reduce your summations of your Life. No more badmouthing your Life. You have much better things to do. Get up and do them.

Perhaps you wonder what has happened to the endless energy you used to have. It could be you have worn it down with the sad songs you sing to yourself.

“O, what a victim I am,” you sing.
“O, for the Life of a victim,” you cheer.
“No surprises in my life.
“It is a sure thing that I am down-trodden.
“O, woe for poor me.
“O, woe, for the poor unfortunate world.

“O, woe is me, and woe is you.
“O, a sad Life for me,
“and a sad Life for you.
“O, a sad sad Life for me,
“and a sad sad Life for thee.”

No más. No más. No more!