What Can You Not Be? | Heavenletters


God said:

Yes, what a miracle Life is, and what a miracle you are. Have you obtrusively held the idea that you are a sluggard? Come now, let Me wake you up.

You are a Font of Knowledge Complete. You have it all. Somewhere within you, you have it all. Within you, you are missing nothing. Within you, you have full recognition of your Full Value. You may hedge around this, but what is hedging but not quite looking at the Wholesomeness that you are? Be done with limited awareness that holds you back.

You are complete. You may on occasion see yourself in shambles, yet you are not in shambles and cannot be in shambles. Your intellect has been scrounging around. Your mind is a wonderful thing, yet your mind is not everything. All is contained within you whether you grasp this or not. Likely, you don’t grasp. Nevertheless, somewhere within you, your heart hears your mind’s thoughts. And so, your heart takes a leap upward or downward.

How profound are your heart and mind as they bounce off each other, as if they are to spar instead of being great friends. What a stir in the Universe you create. You are a creator as well. Alas, too often you create doubt and puzzlement.

There is nothing you cannot create. Look, you have created a mess or two, have you not? Tell me then what you could not create? If you can create a tempest in a teapot as well as you do, you can dream and spatter paint. If you can do these, what Beauty can you not create in this moment before you right now?

If you can create challenges, what challenge can you not surmount? And if you cannot surmount challenges this minute, I tell you: At least find a way to surmount your fears.

As it is, you are always growing higher. Even in what you may see as Life’s dimming of your radiance, you are growing to the Highest.

All this has been built-in to you, Beloveds. You are no small potatoes. You are My Creation. If I created you, and yes I did, I created you Magnificent. Must you debate with Me about this? I do not lead you around the garden path. I lead you to the Garden. I am leading you to the Garden now.

Heretofore, you may not have valued yourself, yet what is stopping you right now? Right now you can begin to value yourself. My dears, what if you let in new ideas about yourself, what could you not be?

What do you want to be? Scale those heights. Tomorrow, scale Higher.

The question has been asked and answered: “How does a puppy grow? A little at the tail, and a little at the nose.”

Yet, nowhere is it written that you cannot grow all at once either. Make room for bigger thinking. Allow your thoughts to grow. Give yourself room to grow. Bolster yourself. Believe in yourself, and believe in Me. Give yourself the opportunity to come out ahead.

You see risk in Life, and the concept of risk holds you back. It is a greater risk not to risk. Whatever you do in Life, the world at large favors you more than you credit the world and yourself and Me at this imagined place and time.

If all of world Life is imagined as I say, start imagining Greater. Start planting bigger and deeper. Use new colors. Paint new pictures. Herald to you all that which you desire. Desire the most from you yourself and for you. Go for it now.

If somebody can do it, why not you? Reach! Reach High!