An Understanding with God | Heavenletters


God said:

Beginning today, no longer are you to be on the verge of your Great Discovery. Now, today, dally no longer. Jump in. Now, today, you are to enter Life with both feet. No longer do you sit down at the Table at the Grand Feast of Life and not pick up your fork.

It’s true that I repeat Myself, yet never do I wander. I make no bones about My beckoning to you. I do not fiddle around. I adhere to the Truth. You can say I persist. Now, in My Steadfastness, I set an example for you.

Winston Churchill and I are both in agreement about going forward without ever even one moment of giving up so easily. For you, too, conceding defeat within Our Jurisdiction is not even a possibility. It is inconceivable. Winston Churchill holds firm. He never thinks: “Whose responsibility is this anyway? Should I find a way to get out of this, or shall I forge through?”

Churchill found his way, and he burst through boundaries. He put boundaries in their place. He allowed himself the freedom to reach his goals. Ever he forged through. This is your next step, My darlings.

Too many of My children may say: “Later, God, if you don’t mind. I like to have my prerogatives laid out all ahead of me lined up in a row.”

Let Me make clear that persisting doesn’t mean that you huff and puff as if the whole denouement absolutely depends upon your deliverance. Oh, no. Persisting simply means that you keep your eye on the target. Keeping your eye on the target doesn’t mean you hold on to dear Life as if you are the Prime Mover. I am your Higher Self, and I take care of you. I am the Doer. You are the Agreer who, long ago, agreed to what you and I will inevitably make happen. Never was it in the realm of reason that you would cave in to admitting ignorance of Me. Never was it meant that you would skirt around the acceptance of God as your True Reality.

Beyond doubt, it is clear that you will complete all of My Expectations forthwith. What Child of Mine on Earth is going to deny Me or himself forever a simple Acceptance of Truth? Neither of Us would have thought for a moment that, instead of grabbing the Plum of Existence held right in front of you, you would wander off course and delay your Rightful Enlightenment. Pshaw to a Child of Mine excusing himself from striding forward to grab his Reason for Being.

The possibility for you to stay adrift in Life forever does not exist. You are ever the Real Child of God. Not one of My Children can ever fall short.

However, I did give you Free Will. If you decide to drag your feet, you can do that. You can stall until you lift your head and heart, and declare that you will stall no longer.

At any moment you can stand stall and speak your Declaration of Independence. You can make your Declaration at any time you decide to stop fooling around. Denial isn’t worthy of you. This isn’t the time to be stubborn. Cease to fritter away your inheritance. Face the fact that not accepting your inheritance is the sole impossibility. About this, I am never mistaken.

All you have to do is to turn away from dispute and stamp your allegiance right now. Stop shopping, and get into a different line. Always have you been eligible. Now you are ready to sign on the dotted line. Yes, sign here, beloveds, and you will see with Me how easy it is for you to behold the Truth of Who You Are in all your Glory.