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God said:

Nothing is impossible. This does not have to mean that you get your way all the time. You already know you do not. Let not your main ambition in Life be to get your own way.

That nothing is impossible doesn’t mean that you can snap your fingers, and that what you will — it will be done. What it does mean is that when you reach a blocked entrance, you can go around a different way. You have creativity and can look at what you’re looking at differently, and you can reach your destination in a different way. If this way doesn’t work out, then another different way will, or you can come to prefer a different outcome altogether. There are many ways to get to the top of a mountain. It is not that you have to follow a previous map you once picked out, say, in another Lifetime.

Along the Way of Life, your desires may also change.

Listen to this. Often you may think you know what’s best for you, and you find out differently. What you wanted, and what you got weren’t always a blessing. You got what you wanted, and you may have discovered that what you got wasn’t what you thought it would be. You got it, and, then what?

Or you didn’t get what you wanted, and your heart ached forevermore. What did it mean to you then?

First, you wait a while. It’s possible you went in a mistaken direction. It’s also possible that there is another direction for you to go in. You don’t always have to have made a mistake. Your view may simply change. You may have thought you knew what was just right for you, and yet Life might say: “Uh-uh.”

Life says: “You may not accept this, yet something better is coming up on the horizon for you.“ Really, you can persist, yet, it may also be, that you can let go. Sometimes you don’t know what is good for you, and, sometimes, Life does know better. You don’t have to make judgments.

This also doesn’t mean that you have to let go of where you want to be. Follow your Path in Life as best you can, and, one way or another, you learn something you didn’t quite grasp before.

You may think you would always like to be right in your assessments, yet, dear ones, being right is not so wonderful as you might think it to be.

You do not have to follow a straight line. Your Path may go this way and that way. Either way, and, even so, you can be fooled.

What would your Life as It Exists be if you were always 100% spot on? What would be the point of your Life if your choices were all correctly known ahead of time and always be achieved?

In any case, everything in Life gives you an opportunity to learn something or another. Recall that Life is to teach you a thing or two. Yes, Life has something in store. Know that however Life may appear to you to be, Life still has something up its sleeve. You don’t know everything yet by a long shot.

Look, pretty much everyone alive on Earth is called green behind the ears. You can guess, yet you cannot always know. Life is worthwhile, no matter what. Who can say that you were not right to be what the world sees as mistaken? How do you know that choosing what you may see later as the wrong door wasn’t the right one? How can you know that upside down isn’t really right side up?

When you are a referee, how do you know for a fact that all the bases you call are thoroughly correct?

What makes you think that it is better for you to make all the right calls before or after the fact?

You are My Perfect Son or Daughter regardless of what the world may make of it. When you are on your way to Broadway, who is to say that you must say hello to Broadway or not?



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