By the Streams of Sweet Waters | Heavenletters


God said:

I hear you say, or even flaunt:

“God, I would lie down by green pastures. I would lie down by still waters. I would – absolutely — if I knew where to find green pastures and still waters. Where are they? If I could see them, I would eagerly lie down by them.

“As it is, it feels like I slide down turbulent rapids. I fall head over heels – sometimes in love — often in a morass or a desert. Sometimes I barely limp along. I do not seem to know which end is up. I am in the dark, God. God, save me from myself. Occupy my heart and mind. Obliterate fear from my sight. Restore my soul to sweet waters.”

Beloveds, are you saying that you feel lost? You can be lost when I am with you? That I am with you means just that, that you are never without Me. And you cannot escape Me. Inside and out, I am here. You are safe. I catch you all the illusory time.

If you do ride the rapids as you feel and which I do not accept, you ride them with Me. If you ever find yourself as if without Me, be assured this is an illusion you tote around with you. Is there some reason why you need to carry such an illusion when I am right here at your disposal? Foolish child. Have your dreams. They are worth having. Dream big.

For Heaven’s sakes, why dream small? Whatever for?

You create great daydreams so they can grow and, given the chance, will become true. Begin to know Truth.

Catch a falling star. Row your own boat. Paddle your own canoe. Declare independence from past thoughts.

When you were a child, you spoke as a child. Well, what do you think you are doing now?

Kindly start over fresh. Have new questions and new answers, answers that arise from your heart and ascend.

Life is meant to be more about what is new rather than what the past brought.

Certainly, good fortune swings your way. It often has. At the same time, you can make ready for greater good fortune and more of it. You bring good fortune closer with your thoughts.

Haven’t you known people who suddenly are blossoming as if new? Their new happiness shows. They have become New Light Shining. How did this happen, you wonder. What made a face light up? Where did someone’s doldrums go, and now delight radiates.

Enthusiasm comes from within. I bet anything that a Shining Light that moved a so-called another forward can also move you forward as well.

Beloved Soul, someone somehow somewhere is planting a new crop of thoughts, and their thoughts are bearing fruit ripe for the picking. I ask Myself then, why not you, why not you? I have confidence in you.

This person who beats you to it hasn’t mastered all fear, yet he or she moved on in a new direction just the same. A little seed can become a great dream. Disembark from past thinking. Have your dreams. Have them, and they have a better chance of coming true.

Something awakened someone. Whatever awakened a so-called another can awaken you as well.

Disembark from past thinking. Have your dreams. Have them, and they have a better chance of coming true.

Where do great dreams come from? They come from within you. What squashes dreams? Squashing also comes from within you. Uphold your dreams. Love them. Love having them. Give yourself permission to dream your dreams. They are not obligated to come through. Welcome them for the dreams they are. Give them a head start.

In the world, allow the Heaven of Dreams to bloom. No telling where they will take you. No telling how happy you will be. Certainly more happy with dreams than when you are barren of them.


How does an artist paint? A painting issues from him. He may not have a clear picture in his mind, yet the picture grows to fruition before his very eyes. He sees an image as he goes along. He feels it, and it comes together. It comes to him.

Everything is within you. Bring it out and serve it while you are at it.