In a Moment of Sunlight | Heavenletters


God said:

Be on your way to letting go of the idea of evening up Life and its Events. Beloveds, there is no disciplining Life in the way you look at it. Life as it appears is captured in a moment of Sun Light and reveals itself.

Life is organic and free range. Life has access everywhere. The way you see it, Life is to have some bounds according to your desire. You will be millenniums ahead when you give Life the freedom and blessing to be what it is when it is.

Dear Ones, Life does not need your sanction, certainly not your restraints. Take Life as it comes. A rainy day has as much reason to be as a sunny day does.

All the choices are not yours. Be Life’s Friend in Truth not as in a political campaign or business for profit. There is much that Life must take into account that you have no idea of. Life has its path to take, and Life’s path comes first. You do not know how to take into account all the intersections and connections. The comings and goings in Life have their right to be. Yes, dear ones, there is much more to Life than your eager-to-be-counted preferences.

Life has the Divine Right to mingle as it does. It is for you to move on in Life. Take care of how much energy you spend fighting Life. No longer sniffle over Life. No longer waste your God-given Life on squabbling with it. Make hay while the sun shines. Give your all to Life. Your Life is not so much yours as you think it is. No one said that all of Life must be your cup of tea.

No one has asked you to be Life’s Lord and Master, although, as a matter of fact, you do have a lot of say when it comes to Life as it occurs. Probably you see Life through narrow glasses. Life is here for you to make your way through it. Life can’t take your word for its map. Life can see far and wide and grasp its meaning more than you can. Life is putting together the whole shebang whereas you, innocent as you may be, may see only a dot and may think Life has no right to hurt your feelings. Favor Life whatever style it’s wearing.

Let go of taking Life personally. Life holds no vendetta with you. As it is, Life cruises whereas you may see Life as unwieldy and unfair. Live Life, Beloveds, more than you investigate it. Leave off judging Life. Help it along. If Life makes you grow, say to Life:

“Well-done, Life. I get that you cannot always go the way I would choose. Within the Mysteries of Life, you are serving the Whole Universe and me. I may not know this, and I may not like what this episode looks like, yet there is something good you are working on for me, for the Good of Life, wherever I may be whatever I may think.

“Life, you are more farsighted than I am. You give me more credit than I give myself. You lead me down all kinds of paths. You lead me to discoveries that I might prefer not to meet. I do not always want my eyes opened. I admit I like my own way. I can say to you, Life:

“Life, you lead me down some dark winding roads. Further further down this road, no matter how steadfastly I may resist, there is Sunshine that I do not as yet see. You do not forbid me, Life, even in what I may see as death. You lead me in Life, and you say to me: ‘Do not fear.’ You surprise me. Life, you are dear. Wherever you take me, Life, I follow. This is the heart of the matter.”