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God said:

The Queen in the fairy tale who asked her mirror: “Who is the Fairest of All?” was competitive. Her intentions were not beneficial, not even to herself, but she didn’t know that. She thought her intentions meant something wonderful.

There is another kind of competition. This may be when you desire to be, not the Fairest of All, but the Best-Kindest-Most-Worthy-Good-Givingest-Serving-Person of All.

This is understandable and worthy, yet, dear ones, you are still looking in the mirror. Better to tweeze your eyebrows in the mirror as a more meaningful purpose than urging yourself on to swell up as a Great Giver. Let go of your self. Rise to Self.

You may not like to see Me relegate your well-intentioned Goodness of Heart to the arena of competition. No question that you mean this to be far more wonderful, yet something may not be quite right here. It could be that ego is off-kilter. It could be.

From where comes the desire to be the Fairest of All? From where comes the desire to be the Most Givingest of All? When superlatives enter an inner conversation, it could be that ego is rising to the fore. You think you are excelling. You think you are being noble and deserving of recognition.

Beloveds, every human Being relishes recognition. Applause is welcome everywhere. Look not for recognition nor have to have it. To want to be giving is wonderful. That you want to give generously isn’t giving so that you shine in self-acknowledgement for the privilege of giving. Your giving is not meant to stand out as personal testament to your worth.

Clearly, it is better to give than not to give, yet you are not a balloon of a giver who must beat a previous record on your own account.

There is good value in being an anonymous giver. In this way, you may begin to realize your place in the entire Cosmos of Giving. Give with all your heart, sure, and then you are giving from more than yourself and for more than to yourself.

Stand in for Me. It is always in My Name that you give. Not to inflate yourself, dear mortals, nor to give the idea of supreme modesty either yet simply give in My Name.

Far better for you to know your True Name which, incidentally, is Mine.

Raising yourself in My Place is not raising yourself too high. Of course, it is I, your Creator, that you serve. On the same note, it is in the Name of God that you give.

You do not note yourself as a Great Giver. Your small self doesn’t enter into the picture. This is the Truth. This is nearer to the Fact of the Matter that you are an Instrument for Me.

Impress no one, not yourself. Impress no one, and then you shine in all My Glory. Is there another’s Glory you want to shine in? All Glory is Mine. Beloveds, My Glory is not a possession with your name embossed on it.

Reflect the Sun That Shines. This is simple and easy to do.

Whose Glory is there to reflect anyway but Mine? Who exists but I? You exist under My Same Umbrella.

What others’ strides are there to reach in Life but Mine? Where else is there for you to go? You come from Me, and you venture forth to Me.

Full circle. We ARE, Beloveds.

You stand as One with Me and not apart from Me. We exist as One.

Reflecting the Sun is what you are made for.


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