What about Genies and Fairy Godmothers? | Heavenletters


God said:

Can you imagine a world without flowers? Or without birds? Without deer? Without dreams?

Can you imagine a world without people? Or without families? Without children? Without mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters?

Can you imagine a world without you? How could the world exist without you in it?

It is difficult to contemplate existence altogether without you, for you right now are the very hub of existence, so it seems.

On the other hand, you might say you would love a world without dust and without flies or without anything you would have to dust or swat. When it comes down to it, you might not love it. You have not yet realized the upset in the balance of nature that could arise even without even one thing that you might say you’d like to stamp out.

Anyway, I ask you: What have I left out of this Created Universe? After long thought, what might you say?

“What about genies? What about fairy godmothers?” you might ask.

I would say these are covered. Genies and fairy godmothers result from your own thought or, if you prefer, your own vibration. Do you get that?

Use your own God-given intelligence. This is often called Common Sense. When you are featuring havoc in your thoughts, what are you likely to come across? When you are thinking of peace, what will most likely follow you in your footsteps?

Within everything lies a treasure. In heat, there is a windfall. In freezing cold, there is something that, even in contraction, expands you. You are growing to encompass the whole world which, even now, exists within you.

Long ago, there was a Heavenletter named: What Could the World Be without Chocolate?

How infinite can be an answer to even one question?

How did I begin Creation but with a wave of My Hand, as it were?

You may have the idea that I created the Universe with vast thought. The Universe began with an essence that was sought yet not exactly thought.

The Universe began before language as you know language. There were no words with which to speak. Language was not even an inkling at the time. Communication was pre-communication. There was Oneness without knowing the concept of Oneness. Until there was apartness, how could you speculate Oneness let alone cognize it?

There is nothing more to say, yet volumes have been spoken, and volumes have been read. Where did knowledge come from?

Life on Earth appears to be a Great Experiment that you somehow, somewhere get to participate in. Who is it that participates? What obstacles do you step over? Which obstacles do you duck? Are there really obstacles?

How little do you figure out, and how much do you prance? What do you investigate, and what do you not yet see? What is there to see, and why would you see it? What is all the searching for? You search for something, but what?

You can be glib in your answers, yet how far do you get? What is it that you can possibly trespass on if there were no idea of possession? What is permission, and where does permission come from. Who has the say? Is there a say, and why or why not why does it?

What if there were no questions to ask, and no one to ask them?

What is the meaning of progress, and who traverses it?

Are questions eternal or infernal?

Where do you go to when there is no place to go?

What do you discover when all has been uncovered?

There must be more to reach, but how on Earth do My Children on Earth have any idea of what they are about when Life is beyond the senses?

Do you seek Life or is it the Meaning of Life you seek and yet cannot quite grasp whereas a baby soon grasps a rattle and feels empowered.