Seeking a God Easy to Follow | Heavenletters


God said:

Yes, I hear you talk about your aches and pains and what errors turn up at everybody’s door and often not for any good reason that you or anyone can see.

I understand that you don’t see fairness. In all your fear and trembling, you would not mete out to others such broken hearts and bruises as Life does hand out to you and others. You can’t believe that I am less merciful than you, for it cannot be that I am a God Who art one way in Heaven and another way on Earth, can it?

I hear you say in disbelief:

“God, if You are a God of Love and Peace, then how can You be a God Who appears to act like a Judge and Jury? Sometimes I see Life around me as a misanthropist.

“Sometimes I see Life no bigger than a bandit. I do not get it. It has to be impossible for You, God, to be bent out of shape and have Your attention on that for which You tell us to let go of. It has to be that You are greater than this.”

Beloveds, you further ask yourselves:

“From my understanding, how can Life appear as a miscreant? How can it possibly be God’s Will that innocents get injured and justice not seen? God, I know You can’t possibly be A God of Love and also a God of Retribution. This makes no sense. It can’t be that You and/or Life fluff off our lives as of no significance whatsoever.

“God, I am missing something. How can a God of Love ever come from ill will? You wouldn’t. You couldn’t. You wouldn’t ever want me or anyone to be frightened or disappointed. It can’t be that you bear ill will toward any one. I know with all my heart that You would never ever jump up and down in Joy when any Child of Yours gets hurt on any level of Life. It can’t be You are a patrolman looking to catch sins and exploit them according to some kind of balancing act.

“It can’t be that You manifest as a meticulous accountant who keeps track of all errors large or small. You can’t be about taking Joy out of people’s Lives. I know that You have far better things to do than to fit a punishment to the crime.

“Since when do You or Life ever want us, Your Children, to be in fear and trembling? Good grief, how can You, God, be less than merciful? I am sure that there is no way that You care to spend Your time matching pain to a past act. A God of Love can’t also be a God of Revenge and Retribution.

“This is impossible. I do not see high enough to begin to understand. I do know enough to know that You are Love. I do not know how to reconcile Your Love with the world.

I can accept that I don’t understand, for that is just it, I don’t understand.

“I do get at face value that pain and suffering are part of my illusion. Therefore, in the world I live in, I perceive suffering that really doesn’t exist. God, You do understand that if someone is suffering — imagined or not — he is suffering just the same.

“I cannot believe that You want anyone to suffer on any level, yet pain and suffering seem to be part of our lot in Life. Suffering has been around. Even if there is no suffering this minute, suffering is lurking around the corner, and so we go through suffering or fear of suffering at this very moment.

“Outside of my physicality, I gather I would not feel agony and disbelief, yet I just can’t seem to get suffering out of my mind. How do I reconcile myself with this dilemma?”

Dear Beloved Ones, I, God, ask you to reconcile yourselves with Joy. Point your arrow in a new direction. When you don’t like flying in one direction, fly in another direction. Come, fly to Me.