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God said:

Ah, there is a place that exists, and you are invited. This is a Quiet Place. In the center of a maelstrom lies this Quiet Place.

In the world where winds blow, the eye of the hurricane lies within you. In the midst of a huge storm, which you may witness and believe in, there lies this calmness. It awaits you. Be assured that this quiet place is within you. It always exists. It is yours. It is you. Reveal and enter. Sink into it, this Quiet Land within you.

The way someone might put a shawl around his shoulders, so do you have the opportunity to enter this Quiet Place. Find it. You have it. Everyone has it. This Place of Calm is your Center. This is where, in Truth, you abide. This is you. This is the real you. Always you are free to enter here no matter what storm may rage outside.

Whatever wild winds may throw around – none of this is the Truth of you. Oh, yes, the storms may rage and pick you up. Just the same, you are the Calm within every storm. No matter what transpires, no matter how storms may whirl, inside you is where you are invulnerable and where I wait with you.

A storm may toss you from pillar to post. You may feel you are at the mercy of a storm. Nevertheless, within you is where you repose. Recline in this place that is always available to you and seeking you and where I AM.

Reclaim this calm. Rest your head on its pillow. Stillness is here. This is where Truth lives. Truth lives within you. Reach in. Truth is for you. The world outside does not always appear stable. The Calm exists in the same way as you do not always hum a song, yet, nevertheless, there are tunes ready and waiting to hum from you. You have had songs hum through you before, whether you bid them or not.

In the same way, this Center of Calm glides within you like a canoe in still waters, waiting for you to sink into the Quiet, Beloveds. This Quiet Canoe is where you truly are. This is the Heart of you. There is greater than the physical Heart of you that beats wildly like a bird’s wings in captivity.

This Center is a Place of Freedom where you can enter at will. This is a Palace of Peace within you. It is always available to you. Avail yourself of it. Do you feel this Peace within you now?

You can enter at any time. You do not have to squeeze in. You just have to sink in. You do not have to bind your wings in order to fit.

How do you fly to this Welcome Place? How does a bird fly? He doesn’t think how. He desires to reach a certain bough in a tree. Voilà, he flies there. He lands there. He doesn’t struggle to reach. Getting there is easy.

Never was a bird given instructions on how to fly. It is a bird’s basic nature to flap his wings and fly. It is your nature to lie back and recline in this Beautiful Center of you. Here resides your Treasure.

In fact, this Quiet Place is you. Even in your worst upset, this Central Place is yours. Allow yourself to get here where you fly with the angels and I wait for you.

You are greater and more resourceful than you dare own to. This is no great flash. This is Peace Abiding. There is Peace in My Heart. You are in My Heart. Come here. Admit yourself to the Kingdom of God. Come here. Come here now.


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