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God said:

Beloveds, in the Heavenletter, The Grand Inquisition, which came out yesterday — the day before this Heavenletter – today’s Heavenletter is just about to be born as I speak. Please note in the very last paragraph of yesterday’s, these contrary words:

We will sink/rise into Love.

In the world, the words sink and rise are opposites. The world says that no one can sink and rise simultaneously. If you sink, you sink. If you rise, you rise. There are no two ways about it, so says the world.

Now, in Heaven, there are no such distinctions. In Heaven, yes, it is very possible to rise and sink simultaneously. There is no difference whether you rise to happiness or sink to the very depths of happiness — the wonderfulness is the same.

Yesterday, as you read sink/rise, you may well not have noticed any disparity between the two. You got it!

Yes, yes, in the world, there are disparities. The world is full of opposites, whereas I vehemently say that there are none. This is hard for My Children to see, for the world, all, is filled with contrast and contradiction. In Heaven, for instance, We can say that there may be different gradations of beautiful colors yet none is opposite. In Heaven, there is Love, and Love is for all sizes and shapes and the multitude of diversity in the world as well. No, no, no! No opposites. Not at all.

The world can do all the categorizing it wants, yet rain is rain, and snow is snow, and both fall from Heaven.

The world says that red is red, and green is green, yet red and green are complementary colors. Colors are shades and depths of whatever they may be. All colors are colors. Can it not be be said in Truth in the world that which is called colorless is also not about color? A certain color may be drab or dull or bright and vibrant. There is no measuring scale in Heaven.

Then you see glass and clear smooth waters. Yes, it can be said that there is transparency as well. I will go so far as to say – I give Myself the go-ahead to say as I see it – that the clearness of transparency is part of the essence or of color.

Of course, I would go farther and say that, in Heaven, We know that there is no need to weigh colors, nor do I close My eyes nor do I see through rose-colored glasses. Indeed, there is no reason to measure. Beauty is Beautiful, and I Love All.

Polished and rough both have their Beauty and both have their Glow and both shine their Beauty.

Perhaps he biggest opposites of all are Good and bad, bad and Good. Bad makes a hash of you. Good is approved of. Good gives you roses in your cheeks and an A on your report card. Good makes you rise, and bad puts you down. All that Good and bad can be are opinions. Remember that My Opinion, which is not opinion but Truth, is High, Very High. Seen from a fuller perspective, there is no Good, and there is no opposite to it.

Do you really think I hold any one of My Children higher than I hold you! Nonsense! For one thing, I have better things to do, and so do you.

Regarding the sheep of the field, do you really think I Love one of My sheep more than another? Or that I Love one puppy or kitten more than another? Or one ant? Or one hippopotamus? Or one drop of water? Or one Lily of the field? I Love all. No one do I Love more than I Love you. No one do I Love less than you. Why would I? And how can I, for My Vision is clear.


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