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God said:

There is no frittering away Life, even as you may be certain that all your Life on Earth may seem to identify itself as passing time.

You have to be doing something while you are here on Earth even as you sometimes may feel sure that you waste your Life in details. Beloveds, obviously, you don’t know what Wondrousness amounts to even as you stare Wondrousness right in the face.

Begin to salute Life no matter what Life may seem to look like. Give Life a run for its money. There’s more to Life than you credit Life to be. Credit your Life highly. This is a Great Journey you are on. There has never been another Life just like yours nor will there ever be. Take My Word for this.

You may think that your Life is old hat when Life is the Newest of the New. There is no other Life like yours. You are the only One leading your Life. You may think your Life is a dime a dozen. This is impossible, of course, for you venture forth.

Unless you are on a Great Journey, why would you desire a pillow to rest your head on and Room at the Inn?

Beloveds, perhaps the most amazing thing of all to you is that you are to twirl your Life around to serve Me. You may have thought that your Life is all about you, and that I am, above all, to serve you when it is for you to serve Me! It is for you to serve Me even when you may have no idea what this means.

Unless you rise High in Life, dear ones, well, you are mistaken, as mistaken as can be.

That’s okay too cuz you are in process of finding out your True Identity. You do not remain in ignorance forever. You grow and expand and take flight. You are, in actuality, a High Flyer. You may think you take a swan dive often. Here’s the thing:

Regardless of what bells the world may intone, you cannot fail. So long as you are alive on Earth, you can only succeed in living your Life. There are no 
ifs, ands, and buts about this. Whatever you achieve or think you do not achieve, you are a High Flyer. You are here for a High Purpose. Well, yes, you may still be holding on to ignorance, yet you are gaining in awareness right and left.

No one fails in Life. No one else holds your Life seemingly in the details but you. Your Life is singular. Have no doubt about this. Your Life may serve differently from the way you see it. Later, you will see more clearly from a larger picture. Hallowed be Your Name, beloveds.

In any case, you are finding your way, and I am with you. As the Sun rises in the East, so do you. You are always rising, and you are always rising Higher.

You may well be stubborn. We know this. It may be hard for you to surrender. What surrender often means is to let go of a stopgap that you hold dear. This stopgap has often been called ego. You really don’t require it. Not at all do you. You are far better off without this illumination of imposing ego. You are not this so-called ego. You are not this ego at all.

That which is called ego is far from the Truth of You. Decidedly far from the Truth of You is this offshoot of self-importance. You never needed it. It is misbegotten. It is a sham. Come, establish your Self in Me.

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