New Glories in Your Own Heart | Heavenletters


God said:

If I may make a suggestion, and, of course, I can, may I suggest that you inspire yourself? Now, that’s a good suggestion! Isn’t it a novel idea? I like it. When you are bored or disgruntled or anything at all, try taking it upon yourself to wake yourself up to something new. Undisgruntle yourself. Rise and shine. Take yourself in hand.

Perhaps you would like to do something you have never done before.

Of course, it isn’t exactly that you have to do something new. You can do something you have always done a lot. You don’t really have to challenge yourself. You are not really looking for a remarkable experience. A fine experience can be good enough.

You are not necessarily looking for the thrill of a Lifetime. What particular value does that hold for you? Maybe all you need is to wake up.

Surely you have not as yet seen all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets in all the land, for the fact is that there are no two alike. If you are looking for new Glories in the Universe, certainly they exist. Certainly, new Glories exist in your own heart. Maybe you want to go down a new corridor of your own Life that you have not yet gone down so far, or go up a ladder you have not yet climbed.

Surely, it is within yourself that you want to shake the rafters, or, perhaps, simply want a rest from all the jogging of your memory.

Maybe you want to lie on your back on the grass and settle in.

Maybe you want to lift off the ground and soar to the High Heavens.

You have the possibility of doing anything you want.

There is no same old except as you declare it.

There is no hall that you can’t walk down again and find new joy in. Nothing wrong with old joy either. Joy does not have to be reinvented or gilded. Joy does not have to be reconstructed or renamed or require a new coat of paint. Worn old joy is also joy. Joy is irrepressible. Joy probably can only be received as a new gift.

It has been said that there is nothing new under the Sun. Ah, yet everyday, the Sun Itself is new, fresh, and enjoyable. Long live the Sun. Long live all the Hearts under the Sun and under the Moon and under the Heavens and above the Heavens.

What can there be to be tired of when you are visited by a new day day after day? What is there to be entrenched within? What is there not for you to take delight in? Delight does not grow old.

There are many things for you to take joy in. Open your eyes. There is an endless reservoir within you.

Of course, you can branch out. Today can be a new day. Today is a new day that you have never gazed at before. What new song can’t you sing? What new day can you not herald into the Universe? What New Day can there not be?

You are you. You have you, and you have Me, God, and you and I are ever new, and ever holding hands.

The Present is here. The Present is right here in your grasp! Grasp it!

This is what you do with this moment right here! You grasp this moment, and you let it go. You unfurl it like a flag. And you raise it high for all the world to see and fly out from. You are a bird on the wing. You are a heart, and you are a soul in Heaven, for Heaven is truly your abode. Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Why, the Kingdom of Heaven is right where you are, right here, right here in front of you. By all means, take a step. Enter. Leave the past behind over your shoulder because a new dawn has come for the asking. Ask anew. See anew. Give anew. Be anew.

I am holding out something new for you. Take it. It is yours.