God Smiles | Heavenletters


God said:

You give Me much Joy on Earth. I, Who give to you Joy on Earth, I am filled to the brim with all the Joy that you give to Me.

Tonight I was bemused to overhear a psychic tell a certain weary heart who seeks Me that My advice to you is always: “Keep your chin up.”

Well, of course, wouldn’t I minimally request this of you, My Child created from My Breath? This request is so sweet and simple, I can only smile wide and pick you up and hold you close to Me and say:

“Yes, Dears, keep your chin up!”

And so I say to all.

Naturally I say this, and I say more than this. This is the least of what I would say to you, and so My Smile is all the Greater.

To keep your chin up is also the least of what you can do. This goes without saying, yet I adore that others also express this from Me to you so simply. Everyone has My guidance. This is the least you can hear and the least you can give in all good faith. You will not go amiss.

You can further say: “Everything will be all right.”

Of course, you can say, “All will be well.” This is a foregone conclusion.

You don’t have to know in advance how all this will befall. You don’t have to be able to draw a picture. This is more than a Promise. This is a certainty.

All will rejoice with Me in Heaven and on Earth. This goes without saying, yet go ahead and say it and mean it. This is not a probability. This is a foregone conclusion. The mute will sing. The lame will walk. The deaf will hear. All will be well in Heaven and on Earth.

All IS well on Heaven on Earth. As yet, the blind may not see. Many who have sight do not yet see. Surely, you already know this. You Who are perfected do not yet recognize your perfection. This is understood. This is nothing new.

All of your limited perception on Earth you take as Reality only so long as it takes you to open your eyes in wonder and admit to yourself this that I await for you to realize and to sing:

“Yes, dear God, I am risen. I have heard You say this often enough. It took me so long to accept this wonder, and now, yes, I do see. My eyes have opened. I am no longer blind. I can see. I can see!”

I, God, have cried out in the world to you with all My Heart: “See! You can see. Open your eyes and see!”

Behold, you opened your eyes, and you say:

“Yes, thank You, God, for I can see. I can see with the eyes You gave me. Thy Will is done. What greater gift can You give me than to open My eyes? You did not prop my eyes open. You opened them once and for all. I can see. I can see. I see now all the Glories that You cast before me. God, mine eyes have seen the Glories You poured out before me. You washed my eyes with Your Love. My eyes shine now in Your Brightness. You blessed me. You always blessed me. Now I can see. Now I can see.

“Thank You, God, for my eyes that now can see.

“How thin was the divide. You and I both removed the blinders from my eyes. God. I don’t know why it took me so long.”

Now I, God, say to you:

“Beloveds, it took only a second.”