On Earth, Wonders Are Still Performed | Heavenletters


God said:

Of course, the Mind goes further than logic. The Mind can enrich you and travel with you far beyond logic.

Logic tends to be either/or, this and that, or, exclusively, this or that. Logic does not want you to argue with it. Logic tends to say: “Take this or not. There are no two ways about it. You must not stray. Stay on a straight line.”

Logic can entrap you into one way of thinking and block out Awareness of Oneness. Logic can be a secular-minded part of Life that confines you and denies you greater Vision. It can make hash of wide Vision. Logic can narrow your ability to think.

It is perfectly logical that when you have a tiny amount of food available, you want to keep it for yourself and your family. Logic tells you that you cannot afford to share what you have because what you have is finite, for then, as logic sees it, you have one of two choices:

If you feed another, you deny yourself and your family. By necessity, then, all you can do is to deny another. You’re sorry.

Even if you have enough today to feed another, you might not have enough tomorrow, so for your own survival, you are wise to play it safe.

All wars are based on logic. The logic was entitled The Call of the Wild – kill or be killed. With that kind of Earthward logic, there is no logical way to prevent some or most wars or any wars at all. Based on logical thinking, what can you do but fight a war? One way or another, war declared or war contemplated makes killing legit. Anything goes, for what else can be done?

I clearly enjoin you, instead of logic, to love one another.

Of course, logic can make the indefensible defensible. A substitute for Humanity has been inhumanity. Once upon a time, a starving man who stole a handful of bread had his hands cut off.

What would the self-professed judge do if he himself were starving? And, yes, I understand the hopelessness someone who is stolen from feels. Does one or another need make the other right or wrong? Is self-righteousness more common sense or auspicious than a starving man with starving children grabbing a crust of bread?

Dear Ones, I do understand that it is easy to go around in circles concerning such matters. In the world of Earth, some things are easy to say and hard to live. Within the rule of logic, not much room is allowed. And, yes, of course, theft can be based on other reasons than hunger.

My children would do well not to judge others. This applies to the givers and the takers and the in-betweens.

Where is compassion when countries lock their borders, perhaps with pursed lips and a sense of prudence and virtue? And how much difference does it make to say you are sorry and wish you could?

Even in the midst of the inanity of war, there are those who rise above risk to themselves and provide the Gifts of Humanity to those who must ask. These ordinary people may have had no idea of their Greatness until they somehow rose to it. They found themselves unable to look the other way. They stood up and gave hospitality. And so they serve Humanity.

They serve in the Name of Love. In a grander picture, they unabashedly serve Me. These ordinary men and women serve where others may only wish they could and yet cannot quite yet lift themselves high enough.

In the land of Earth, wonders are still performed.