Like a Hyacinth in Spring | Heavenletters


God said:

Devotion is an actuality. Devotion certainly isn’t something you let go by the wayside. You may wonder where it is, this devotion you are supposed to have which, so far, does not descend nor arise in your Heart. You are not opposed to having it. When is it your turn? When will the devotion that may be buried within you wake up?

You have gathered that love from you to God is to blossom within you somehow somewhere, that High Devotion will grab your wrist and swing you high. How long can this Ringing of Devotion elude you? What can it be that keeps devotion just out of your sight? Have you been skipped over? Maybe devotion isn’t in your bailiwick this time around. Maybe you are to let it go.

Beloveds, in terms of a Grand Devotion, even a large-scale devotion with capital letters, it will come to you. Look, there it will be like a hyacinth in your garden, one early day in spring, a bulb buried in the ground, as if by itself, will burst forth to say: “Here I am!”
Like Spring, Devotion will spring up, and it is yours. You don’t have to water a hyacinth.

When it comes to the Flowering of Devotion, it is not a campaign that you have to make a to-do about. Devotion is not something you produce. You don’t have to manufacture it. Devotion is a natural blessing that arises of its own volition, and you may find that you have no choice but to keep your eye on the sparrow. Devotion arises so that you may acquaint yourself with what is already devotedly present within you. Devotion does not have to be a specialty, although Devotion may grow to be a speciality.

You know how Life is. Your eye has alit on many watering places. Nothing has to be forced to grow. Encourage, sure, yet not demand.

To begin with, you already have experience with devotion. It has been signaled in your heart. When you are blessed with a baby, you know the devotion that burst forth from within you. This takes no urging. It is My Devotion within you will not be caught napping. Something will touch your heart. You are no stranger to devotion. Nor am I. Leave it to Me.

When Devotion to Me knocks on your Door, answer, yet answering the Door does not mean that you must alter your Life. Let Me take care of your Devotion. You don’t have to make a big to-do of the Devotion that stirs your Heart. Hey, simply follow your heart where it takes you. I am secure in your heart.

I am the Enticer of Devotion. I am in Everything the Doer! You may hear a knock on your Door. It may be a light knock. You will open the Door, and here I AM. What Joy We will share. It will be easy. Nothing difficult here. Truly, you will hear Me knocking. No one gets missed. No one.

There is no effort at all. My arrival may be like when a timer goes off. You may forget that you had set the timer. You may find that you open the Door of your Heart to Me without having heard My knock. You just happen to open the door, and We are delighted to see the seeming Each Other. You are not even flabbergasted. You know, it feels right. You will have your turn. There will no longer be a door between us. Not even an opening really, just a Magnificent Oneness.

Dear Ones, no need to hang around waiting for a Great Sign to appear in the sky. The process of My Arrival rarely appears as a Grand Flash of Lightning. Usually, Life appears gradually and you wake up to it. You awake to Life at the same time as you take Life in your stride. Usually, Life takes you by the hand and leads you gently. It can often be before you even notice.

The fact is that We have always walked together. You turn your head a little now, and you see Me, and you wonder how it is you hadn’t noticed before.

We have a Grand Connection, you and I. We can count on it. When Our Grand Connection will light up abundantly, no one knows. One day it will light up. One day you will notice that you are secured in My Heart, and you will feel Our Oneness of Oneness Lighting Up.

You have quite a Destiny before you. Have no worries. I entrust Myself to you. Entrust yourself to Me. There is a Dance that is Ours to dance. And dance We will.