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God said:

In effect, you sift through your Life. You sift with a sieve, Beloveds. There is a moral to the story here. Life once lived falls through the cracks. It is bye-bye.

You cannot hold onto everything or anything. How can you be sure that sifting through Life is a way for you to comprehend Life? Life will teach you without your trying to sort it out. Life already has occurred, and now you are in a new starting-off place.

If the past is the past, well, then, let it go. Verily, only Life Itself can teach Itself. It isn’t that Life is insoluble. It’s just that Life goes off the screen in the moment that it surfaces and happens, or, rather seems to happen. Life hops right along. Life doesn’t stay still. Life on Earth is not meant to be memorable. Life is in one moment, and then Life is off and running in the next.

Hail to Life. Greet it. Then Life swims away on to New Adventures. You know what? Life does not stand still, and nor are you to stand still.

You may feel you are off to the races! Rather, you are transported to the Present. To the best of your ability, you digest what just has occurred, though, at the same moment there is no whipping a past moment into shape. It is not for you to conjugate Life. A moment ago is not your bread and butter. It is a passing shadow you glimpse out of the corner of your eye. You don’t want to make too much of Life and so impede Life as it occurs. Life gives you a ride. Life contains you. Hmm, Life swerves ahead, and it is already passed. May your Life go beyond its past.

May Life take you for a new ride. Hold on! Life will go fast and never come back again as it once was or, rather, once appeared to be.

Let’s make up a ditty:

“Life is just a Passerby, just a Passerby. No more than the Clouds and Light that pass overhead for one scant moment out of the Blue, out of the Blue, out of the Changing Blue to return again only as a passing fancy, only as a passing fancy, that’s all.

“Perhaps, could it be, that the One who claims ownership of the Life that passes by be the Passerby? Does the Presumed Owner of the Life simply glide over the Life he purports to be his? Could he be the Cloud in the Sky and the Passing Blue, the Passing Blue, the Passing Blue… Could he have fancied himself?

“Does Life, this very Life, have to be interpreted now and anon? Must Life mean this, and must Life mean that? Must Life signify Miracle even as Life is a Towering Miracle? Everyone alive on Earth has a Life, has a Life, has a Life that flutters here and flutters yon, here and yon…

“The clouds and the Changing Blue and the Light are Momentous every day of the week. Must they remain Momentous, Momentous, Momentous when they are Everyday, Everyday, Everyday…

“Life continues into what is called an After Life, yet Life is one continuum called Infinity. Everyone, Everyone, Everyone rows a boat in Infinity, even as there is no rowing a boat in Infinity at all. There is Infinity Alone, nothing but Infinity, nothing but Infinity and no boats to row, no boats to row, no boats to row…

“Oneness Alone exists in Infinity. Being, Being Alone, nothing but Being exists in Infinite Infinity. The Oneness of Oneness alone exists in Infinity. The Infinity of Eternity and the Oneness exist in the Beingness of Oneness. Only Infinity, Only Infinity, Only Infinity. Infinity is Our Abode, the Infinity of Oneness, Oneness, Oneness…

“Hello, My Self, hello, My Self, My Self, My Self, hello! The Permanence and Beingness of Oneness, One Being, One’s Being, One Beingness dubbed Infinity, Infinity, Infinity…a Breath of Life and Light Shining, Shining in a Dream of……”


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