A Steady Stream of Self-Love | Heavenletters


God said:

When you truly Love yourself, what difficulties can there be? When you love yourself, what greater Proof of Love could you have from anywhere? I ask you to claim your own Love. Your Name is deeply embedded in My Heart and My Love. Your Love and My Love are the One and the Same. You are Mine, as I am yours.

Love Yourself, and worries no longer exist. Your basic source of worry has been that you feel unLoved, or, at the very least, not Loved enough.

Yes, of course, this is the case. Lack of Love is the crux of all worries. When a Loved One flies the coop, you protest. Whether your Loved One leaves you from personal choice or from leaving Earth, you howl that you are bereft of Love. When Loved Ones innocently die, you may feel: “How could they, how dare they go leave Me alone without them. Who is going to love me now?”

Through thick and thin, Beloveds, Love Yourself. Then what will you mourn? Love Yourself as I do Love you, for you art My Very Self.

You are Loveworthy. When you Love yourself, you are not forlorn. Stop gazing at disparity, and you will not conceive of even the concept of loneliness. You will be your own steady Stream of Love. You will be complete unto yourself. When you Love yourself, what imagined lack can hold you in its thrall?

Trade in loss for Love instead.

Instead of being fraught with worry and rue and sorrow and feeling sorry for being imperfect, fill yourself with Love. When it comes to Love, take Love out from its confines.

Love is your Natural Prerogative, yet you wrapped up your Love and put it away. Instead of Loving from the Sun of Your Heart, you called for Love to come to you from somewhere far away. You are learning, dear Ones, that there is nowhere else but within. There is nowhere else, and there is no one else. You are It, for you are naught but Myself. There is no separation in this Universe.

When you feel cast aside, it is you who has cast yourself aside. Come to your Inner Chambers with Me.

There is no individual you. You made this individual appurtenance up. You have no valid Identity but Oneness. There is no living separately from Me. Oneness is not alone. Oneness is Wholeness. Loneliness does not exist. It’s something made up. Foreswear loneliness. Whatever you may think, you merit Oneness. You are nothing but Oneness. No longer attach yourself to an emptiness that does not exist.

You pulled the wool over your own eyes. You sold yourself on a fake I.D. Your fake I.D. does not cross borders, Beloveds. A fake I.D. makes you think you are isolated. Isolation is a false front. Come out of the shadows. Face front. Admit your One Self to all the Love that is yours. Reclaim Love.

There is no lack of Love. When you think so, you side-swipe yourself. You protest and finagle away your birthright. In so doing, you fling yourself away from the Kingdom of Heaven. The troubles of the world come from this disavowal of your True Heritage. Put your ignorance away. You have no right to it.

I know. I know all your excuses. You mistake humility. You call humility arrogance, and arrogance humility. Certainly it is not humility when you manufacture that you know better than what I say. This is not your modesty. This is your ignorance which is a form of immodesty. It is immodest of you to raise your own flag.

What do you think it means when you hear: “To Thine Own Self Be True.”