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God said:

Good morning. Rise and shine. This is My Message to you today. Take it to heart.

As you begin your day, so goes your day.

You, be the Sun that rises.

Bring Sunshine into your Life and to the world. The world is you. We can tell the world by how you appear. You are the metronome of the world. You are the decider of the world. You call forth your day and spread your day around the whole world and onto the galaxies.

You may consider yourself of little or no importance, yet you are the Day-Caller. You bang the drums, and you play the flutes. You are the signaler of the day.

If you weep, you are the weeper.

If you smile, you are the smiler.

If you write, you write down the day, or you recite it.

You bequeath the day.

You have say.

You are the describer of today. You are the alarm clock you wake to.

As you go, so goes the day.

You are your own calendar. You fill in the blanks. You set the timbre of the day.

You have spoken, and you record the minutes.

You are the secretary of the day. You make a difference. One way or another, you make a difference. You can make a whole difference.

Speak up.

You are the luster of your day, or you are the shadows.

You are limitless. You are the flashlight of your day. Turn yourself on. As go you, so goes the world.

You are your report card.

You are the shot heard around the world.

You are the booms to battle, and you are the Bringer of Peace. The whole world is up to you. You are the singer. You are able to hit a high range. Hit it!

Call the shots. Bar none.

You are the governor.

You push the buttons to the juke box.

Wake up to yourself. You also say Good Night, Sleep Well to yourself. You embrace the Universe.

Never mind a weather forecast. Cast the weather forecast yourself. Sunny skies. If there are clouds, they are as white as snow.

You are the driver of the Day. The driving is up to you.

You are the seaman upon the waving seas.

You are the planter and gatherer of crops. Behold.

It is arbitrary that days end. There are no endings. Everything is in perpetual motion. Even in Silence, the Universe whirrs. The days are like riding a bicycle. As the wheels turn.

There are no time clocks. There is no time.

There are no space savers. There is no space.

In the world, everything happens even as nothing happens. Foremost in the world, as in Heaven, there is Being. Being is mightier than doing. You come from Being. You are Being. You are Being beyond description.

Sun rises. Sun sets, so you think.

And, now, Good Night. Good Morning. Good Day.

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