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God said:

“Until we meet again…” is a poetic way in the world to say: Good Night, Good Morning, Good Day, a loving way to say: So long, See you later, Alligator! in a rhyming casual fashion.

“Until we meet again…” The words are thoughtful. In terms of Earth Life, the words give sway to the world glance at temporariness. The words say, in terms of housed-in bodies, you are alive on Earth today. It’s not clear yet about tomorrow. Something risky could happen, and it might well be the end of you – Boom!

In Truth, you are never in danger of not Being, for day or night, in Sunshine or in rain, at play or at work, you are unending Being.

Life is made of more than Activity in the world. Life is made of far more than the physical. There is much to read between the lines that may have passed over your head.

Let’s clarify. Right now We are not speaking of you and speaking of Me, for there is no between Us ever. We are beyond physical, and never can We part. Apartness is an old idea held onto, yet an idea that simply is not so. Apartness of Oneness can only be like old shoes that no longer fit — you can no longer walk in them. Indeed, the shoes can be glass slippers that don’t fit, don’t fit anyone. It is fitting that the Prince and Princess exist, although their titles are symbolic of the fact that everyone is a Prince or Princess.

Only on the level of trappings does anything less than Soul exists.

That which you see as temporary never was. Temporariness never did exist except as you thought it. There never was a was. All the stories that begin: “Once upon a time…” took you into a Land of Illusion.

When you tell a true story from your Life about your once-upon-a-time childhood, about your once-upon-a-time-parents, your-once-upon-a-time ten years ago or one minute ago – they are made-up — all.

In Life in the world, you have been in a trance. How real-seeming the trance, yet you are caught napping by an as if it were true, more of a what if. What if you had a happy time of it or you didn’t have a happy time of it, it, as if time actually existed to speak of.

Your story could be: What if there could be someone in your Life, an employer, perhaps who was difficult, or, what if there were an employer, perhaps, you fell in love with, and he really loved you too, or what if he didn’t really love you, and he walked away from you?

Projected stories, stories that you seem to remember down to every little detail – yet made-up stories all. You embrace your stories, or they fall to the ground.

All the troubles in the world never existed except as a consensus, and all the Sweets of Life also did not exist, never ever happened except as world thought

The suppos-ed you and I exist all right, and We exist as Oneness Eternal and Infinite. We are solid Essence of Being. Heaven is True. Heaven is not illusion. Heaven is Truth and nothing but the Truth.

You, as an individual, uphold that your Life this time around happened, yet, let’s face it, you dreamed it. You thought it happened. For a while, you entered a movie theater, and you were caught up in the movie, and, for a while, you forgot Yourself, the True You, while you dabbled in an Enchanted Forest. You immerse yourself in this Magic Forest while, all along, your True Life is Supreme with Me.

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