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God said:

You are aware of the existence of varying Layers of Life. You play Life like a piano. Your fingers trill up and down the keys. Even the surface of Life consists of more than one layer. Even within the layers are levels. The lines you draw are by no means outlined clearly.

It’s always a good idea to stay out of drama. Oh, My, how drama pulls you. How drama is a seducer, an abductor. Your True purpose requires that you stay out of drama. Drama lures you. You may like to get into the middle of it, engage with it when, all the while, drama plays tricks on you.

Drama is not to be center stage. Drama is not to steal the show. Drama is not an excuse for pulling you away from your work.

Drama is not your purpose. Drama may make you feel like a conquering hero.

You may see drama as a way to be of great importance. Drama does not make you a hero. Rather, drama makes you a runaway. Drama makes you a playboy. You may like excitement perhaps more than Life itself.

Drama puffs your chest out. Drama provides a perfect opportunity for vanity to shine. Stay out of your own drama. Absolutely stay out of others’ drama. Don’t run toward drama. Stay uninvolved. You can be a good friend without embracing drama.

Drama is a conflagration. Drama makes you its puppet.

Exulting in drama is like taking a bubble bath. You just can’t spend all that time soaking in a tub. You are idling there. Soaking is a diversion. Drama may be exhilarating, yet drama isn’t the best use of your time. The dramatic is not a high level of consciousness whatsoever. Stay away from drama.

Drama is emotional war. You like to play toy soldiers. You like to get up in arms. No, dear ones, put down your arms.

Get away from drama. Drama in your Life builds your ego. Drama is a waste. It lifts you up for a little while and then it lets you down. Drama is for theater, not for Life.

You are not alone with so much attraction to drama. Everyone has to be wary of entering into a dramatic mode.

At the very least, be aware when you are exulting in drama. Life without drama does not have to be dull. Dreaming and drama are two different things. Dream your dreams. Stay away from relishing drama unless you are a writer of plays and movies.

Call not attention to yourself. A real-life hero doesn’t produce theater. He doesn’t wear costumes. He is not swashbuckling. He has enough going on in his own Life that he doesn’t need to heat up his Life in drama nor trauma.

In drama, you get carried away. You get caught up in it. Drama becomes drama for its own sake.

As you rush to drama, you may be focused on either your glory or your outrage. Do you see how drama and gossip may come from the same family? There is an excitement you crave, some kind of importance you crave, some kind of aggrandizement you perhaps want to see and others to see as your expanded image.

It’s possible to say that investing yourself in drama is a high point in your Life.

Keep your eye on target. Drama isn’t to be your target. Your target is not in self-serving. What is your target?

When you serve Me, you grow to serving Self. You expand your Self and the horizons of the world you presently sit in. You expand the sights you look through. You expand in connecting with Me.

Drama is a tiny momentary substitute whereas you and I together are the Real Thing.

Together We reach the Heights of Consciousness. You and I together.

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