From Whence Cometh Godwriting? IV | Heavenletters


God said:

When My Words are on the tip of your tongue, this is Godwriting.

We are One. Long have you sought to know what I think about and how I think and how I may surprise you. The simple easy process of Godwriting will fill an emptiness that you may have been yearning to fill.

There are more surprises you would like to have. They are yours, all yours. More Delight in Life is waiting for you greater than you can imagine.

If you have been dragging your feet, now start dancing. Sure, start ahead of time. This is the way to do it. Of course, get onto the Dance Floor of Your Anticipation right now. Godwriting is the Dance Floor. Glide into this Grand Dance of Life.

For Heaven’s sakes, don’t stand like a wallflower waiting for the music to begin. Start the tempo yourself. I speak to everyone.

Prime the pump, Beloveds. No more waiting. No more lingering. No more hesitating. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Dare! Don’t dance around having to get everything into place. Get up and dance.

I offer you an audition. The Great God I AM, I bring you before Me, and I say: “Begin.”

I get up and take your hand, and We do a dance together. What a moment this is! With Me at your side, you can’t miss. If you say you don’t see Me holding your hand, then get up and dance with your hand in Mine. Love is on all sides. You cannot miss. You and I will dance Our Dance.

If the world at large doesn’t bow down to you, what does that matter when you engage with Me? Anyway, you dance for Me.

Heretofore, consider all the Good in Life you have had before you knew I was here with you. Now that you know I exist and I exist for you, what can We not accomplish?

The important thing is that you get up and dance. Do that, and you succeed. Get up and dance whatever your style of dance may be. Get up and fumble! Who cares? Get up and dance without wearing a beautiful ball gown! Blue jeans will do. Who cares? Not I!

When you and I dance together, there will be Dancing in the Streets. I call all the Singers of My Congregation.

If you were Sailors on the Bounty Main, I might say: “Heave Ho.”

If you are Pretty Maids all in a Row, My Words may be different, yet I say I will go so far as to say that everything is according to you. Everything you think and say and desire amount to what you think and say and desire. Who thinks your thoughts and does your deeds but you, Dear Ones? I accompany you. I am suggesting right now that you unite with My Thoughts. I am saying that you and I can sing and dance to beat the band.

What is there that We cannot do together when We hold hands? This may not be how you have been thinking. So then start thinking this way now.

Perhaps you have been waiting for a sign outside you that you are to begin. I say you are to bang the gong to begin.

Be My Guest. I am ever with you. You always start with Me. So, Dear Ones, what are you waiting for! Get up and venture! Get ready, set, go!

Do you know what? Godwrite for the fun of it! Dance the Light Fantastic. Surely, you are not going to spend your Life just thinking about dancing. Think about it and get up and dance! Or get up and dance and think about it after. This makes sense to Me. I offer My Hand to you Now. Now let’s begin.