Heavenletter written December 14th Happy Holidays! God Is Alive and Well

God said:


It isn’t always easy for My Children to discern strong ego from Strength of Will. Of course, you want to be strong. You don’t want to be weak-willed and wobbly. You have heard it before that I, God, am Your Strength. Beloveds, you hold up the Universe at My Will. It is My Will that you be strong in Goodness. Strength is not solely strong in Faith. Faith is not quite strong enough. You are not to have faith in Nothing.  Faith is a Real Thing. When there is certain knowing, there is Knowledge in Truth.

Faith is to be True. Faith is Holy Knowledge. Never is it My Desire that you have Faith in Falsehood. At the same time, Faith is not something on the level of being proven, proven, that is, in the meaning of Faith proved or in line to be proved. No, I am not telling you to prove your Faith. Faith that has to be proven is not on the level of Truth.

Factual is not a good enough an example of Faith. Faith is larger than believing. You can believe that Faith is Good, yet that doesn’t necessarily follow that Faith is at your beck and call. Pretty much, everyone on Earth carries doubt until a time comes when doubt recedes, and the dams of ignorance opens wide and lets loose, and belief in the deepest Truth is held just the way the Sun comes out every day.

Everyone knows what Bright Truth is. Like the Sun, Bright Truth shines in your eyes. It isn’t like applying make-up or like glitter patted on.

There is more to Life than eye-shadow and more to Life than contrast.

Life Itself is Holy, Holy Holy Life. Disgrace is not to be applied to Life. The world can display disgrace, yet this is not Truth. That is Truth conceived on a faulty level. Therefore, it is unTruth. There is no purpose assigned to Life that falls into a category of disgrace. Disgrace is a Lie applied to the surface of Life. Never do I speak of disgrace. Such an idea is Falsity Supreme. Disgrace is more like a faulty white-wash except it is red paint. Truly, the concept of disgrace is war paint. It is a blackwash. It is Beauty Sullied. Beauty is True. This has been said. Now I say it, and I say it evermore.

Sand is bleached. Sun leaves an effect. The Sun blesses. If you live under the Sun, you are blessed. I bless you with the Light from the Palm of My Hand. Do you begin to understand how Love is True. There is no sin to rescue you from. The idea of sin is shady. Sun is the Bright Love that courses through everyone and everything. That the Light of the Sun pours through You is Truth. Anything less than Bright Light is less than Truth.

Holiness was not created separate from Life. Holiness is not an adjunct to Life. It is the Essence from which Life is borne. Sin is a concept and not the stuff of Life, not at all. No puppy is sinful. No baby lion carries sin. No Human baby carries sin. Of course, remember that I encourage all to leave the past behind. There is the story of Lot’s Wife.

There are dreams to dream. There is Truth to be beheld. There is Truth to look forward to. Truth is innocent, and Innocence is to be beheld. All that is good is True. Behold the Truth of Creation. Remorse has no place on Earth. Remorse is not noble.  Where did that idea come from?

Let Truth course through your blood stream and pour forth from the innocent Beauty of your eyes to announce itself to the world.

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