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Dear Heavenly Father, what would You like to tell me this morning?


Tell Me how you feel.


I feel clearer, stronger, more confident, or more receptive to confidence.

Some of the talk with Karen feels like a dream because here I am, waking up, in my house, in my nightwear, this same body. My handwriting is the same. I yawn the same!


Yes. And you are not the same. Now you know that you are ready to lead hearts to Me. Not you alone, but you, a crusader nevertheless who carries God’s light, not hidden in her room, but out in the metropolis.

Like a comet, you come into view. Like a comet, you stream across the sky. You are going to set off a Roman candle of light, a celebration of light, a sparkler of light ignited in every heart. You herald a parade of hearts. A heart brigade. A network of hearts lined up at attention. A battalion of hearts like a deck of cards standing up. A communal throb of hearts. A myriad of hearts as a single heart singing “God is. God is here.”

That is all that needs to be known. My Name needs to be known. Do I not have a simple Name? Is It not easy? And in that simplicity is the power. The power of God. The power of radiating hearts vibrating My Name. My Name is not even a word. Do you understand that?


It is a vibration.


Yes. It is the call of God. You ascribe the Name to Me but it is yours. It is caught in your throat. You almost can’t say it. We are symbiotic. We are unified workers for light, integral in a purpose, essential to Our common cause, not one without the other.

Once there was only My stillness, and then I started to move. And as I moved, I jostled the universe into being, and I created helpmeets to take care of this beautiful universe, helpmeets who would confer with Me daily, report to Me, carry out assignments, for I am your Helper and you are My helpers. I am the Disseminator, and you are the disseminators.

I am the Knitter, and you are the knitted. But in this case, the stitches have lives of their own. They can leap and move and change color. They are self-moving, as I have set them in motion. So the stitches move themselves around, try all kinds of things, and then settle back down into a quiet wholeness of the peace and integration of the pattern. They settle down with tremendous creativity, vibration, clear energy and direction.

Now back to you. What this means is you take your rightful place in the order of things, which is to say My plan. You are ready, all set, and you wait for the signal.

Meanwhile, you shed light. You beam your essence, which is Mine, far and wide. You telegraph: “God is here. God is definitely here. He is with you. He is in you. You carry God. That is all you need to know. Anything else is fluff.

“When you know you carry God in your heart, you know you have purpose. And all the world takes on a different hue. You are part of God because God is here within you and carries you as you carry Him.

“The words ‘God is here’ are like a blanket that covers you, tucks you in, and you know that all is well, and that you are well, and that you are the Messenger of God. The Messenger wakes to God’s message, and that makes you a Messenger.”

When you know that you carry Me with you, is not then your posture good? Is not then life easy? Is not then your stride steady?

There is nothing for you to do to gain Me in your human heart because I am already entrained there. To know I am there is the thing. Know, notice, note:

“God is here in my human heart. My heart may flutter, but there is not one moment when God is not here, enjoined in my beating heart, helping it beat, helping me think, helping me act. I have a loyal Partner in my heart. He is not my heart’s weight but its lightness. It is His light force that runs through me. It is His energy that I use. It is His conceptions that electrify my mind. When I am still, there will be no static, no interference. There will be fusion, not confusion. There will be clear commuted energy, flowing of God’s light.

“What is the light in my eyes if not God’s? What is the nobility in my heart if not God’s? What is My life if not God’s? Who made me if not God? Who meets me if not God? Who wants me if not God? Who leads me? Who loves through me? Who holds my heart in His hand? Who sends me food and air? Who gives me His essence if not God?

“And His essence is freedom. Freedom is His Name. Who sets me free but God?”


And we all are Your thoughts?




Gloria to God:

Dear God, again Karen called me. What an angel. She did a lot of stuff with me re Bran, my issues and his. You, God, removed my accommodation, judgment, control, resistance, indifference, toleration and so on. Karen said I will never be fazed again.

She also connected me to Mother Mary. Mary had programmed me to not know her until now. Karen also said that Mary will be writing to me. Also You, dear God, healed me from high blood pressure, and hormone and spinal imbalances. Paul, who happens to be Brad’s spiritual father, also was there helping me physically.

My spirit mother is Annabel in Nebraska, an older woman with six or seven children. Karen said I am many people’s spiritual mother. She said The Book will draw people of my same vibration.

What would You like to tell me this evening, my dear Heavenly Father?


Mother Mary will talk to you tonight.

Gloria to Mary:

Mother Mary, what would You like to say to me?

Mother Mary:

I am happy that you are feeling me now. I am the energy that softens you. I am sweet energy that manifests in harmonizing and recreation. Just receive my softness, and know that that same softness rests in you. We could say that God is the milk, and I am the cream. And you are balanced with both.

You could say that God is your spine, and I am your flesh.

You could say that God is white, and I am rose.

You could say that God requested, and I manifested.

You could say that God ordered creation, and I admired.

That God is the particle, and I am the wave.

That God is the ocean, and I am the ripples.

I am the soft edges. I am feminine energy. I am a soothing balm to you. Long have you waited for a mother’s touch, and now you have it.

You have long denied your feminine energy. You do not need to rely on anyone but God in order to have my energy. When you rely on God, I appear.

God is the light, and I am the glow.


I am missing God right now, Holy Mother.

Mother Mary:

He is here. He is always here.

Gloria to God:

Dear God, will You talk to me tonight?


Oh, yes, I will talk to you. I will always talk to you. You had a big day today with Karen, and now you will meditate and rest with your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. You are complete now.

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