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Dear God and Mother Divine, You remember when I had lunch at Ginnie’s, and someone was quite irritating to Me? That person called to apologize. That made me feel really good. For one thing, it lets me know that the incident wasn’t totally my stuff. And, second, that she called to apologize makes me like her a lot, feel good about her, close to her. I’ll be glad to see her!

Mother Divine:

The power of forgiveness is the power of letting go, and that always feels good.


Who is talking?

Mother Divine:

Mother Divine.


Dear Mother Divine —

Mother Divine:

Let go of everything. Let go of holding on to it. Don’t have to throw it away, discard it, eradicate it. Just let it be free, and then you are free. Free as a bird. What does a bird carry with it?


Worms for its babies!

Mother Divine:

Nurturing and food. You lose nothing by letting the past take care of itself. Do you have to watch it? Are you responsible for it? Who told you that you must carry the past like a sackful of coal over your shoulder? You know it’s a weight. Just put it down. It didn’t ask you to carry it.

The past takes up too much room in your heart. It makes it heavy. Lighten your heart.

Old sweaters kept. Old mementos. Bygones.

Pretend you are moving to a new empty apartment painted white. All the space you have. Immaculate full emptiness. In fact, that is how you keep the apartment. You live in it by day and sleep in it by night. Every evening you remove the contents of the day.

Food-wrappers. Books. Mail. All taken care of and put outside the realm of your apartment.

This apartment is your heart. It is cluttered with relics. Just stored there. You don’t even see most of them, but they weigh you down.

You have caged a bird in your heart, dear Gloria. Won’t you let it be free? Open the gates of your heart, and let the bird of the past go where it belongs. It doesn’t want to stay in your heart. You packed it there. You said, “Here, Bird of the Past, stay here so I can mull you over, turn you around from this side and that, take you whenever I am happy, look you over, and become sad again.”

The joy and sorrow of the past are thoughts stuck in the present, and this incurs a block. Blocks are anti-flow. Anti-flow is stoppage. Stoppages cut off the path of today, like a policeman with an all-points bulletin who stops you from getting through.

Let go of the past by living in the present. Wait for nothing, because all good is here right now.

No necessary to rip out yesterday’s stitches. No. Leave them because they forward to today. But move on to new stitches.

Choosing past chooses death. Choose life. Press fast forward, or just press play.

A new day is given to you to paint. Start a new painting. Desist working on the old ones. Working on the old ones puts yourself in a slot named Between Days/On Hold/Still Pending/Saved/To Reread/Reactivate/Never File.

So now picture a grand white file cabinet, and into it you put your past, and close the drawer.

Close the drawer.

Open today. New file. New adventure. New passage of time.


Dear Mother Divine, Lauren is happy about taking a job at Mothers for Natural Law, a non-profit organization that educates people away from biogenetic engineering, and she is happy to work for a purpose beyond a company’s making money (she is taking more than a 50% cut in pay herself). It occurred to me that a company never exists solely to make money. A company is a sport. People come together in certain ways. A company is an excuse for that.

Mother Divine:

All is an excuse to come together.

God speaks:

Do you see how you and your brother are one? When you cling to his past, you pull yourself to the past also. The past is past. It is not present unless you make your present the past, and that is drudging.

Above all, I want My children to live life, not past life, not future, but right now.

Every day is like a baptism. This isn’t you of yesterday. It is you of today, a fresh new emerging Gloria who steps out of the door of yesterday onto the steps of today.

Today is a gift. It is a clearing in the woods. Leave the logs and branches of yesterday where they lie. Don’t lug them along.

Do you see the new shoots of grass growing? the ground untrod? the pool never drunk from?

This is a new world today. I offer it to you. Will you accept?




Then make this day what you will. Make it a day of gladness. Exhilarate this new day. Bequeath it to Me.


Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, what would you like to tell me?

Mother Divine:

Catch a glimpse of God, the Father, as He proposes His gifts to the world. Mighty is He in His Will and His Success. Success is assured with the Almighty Father because of His Almightiness.

Join the bandwagon of God, the Most High. His emblem spreads across the sky. His boat rides the ripples of the waves He has made. He scores the surface of the earth with His eye.

Mighty is the Father of Heaven. Align all with Him and win the race of life. Come in first, or second, or third. No matter. You come in with God.

God is the Father, and the Universe is His.

God is the Father, and you are His.

God is the Father, and He is yours.

God is a Hunter across the sky. His bow and arrow are His love, and He hunts hearts to light the world. One look from His eye, and you serve Him mightily.

One vowel from His voice, and your ears hear the centuries.

One touch of His hand, and life is yours.

One touch of His breath, and you have life everlasting, for He breathed you into existence. One thought of His mind, and you were tossed across the universe and are flying still.

God the Father keeps you in His mind where He electrifies you with His power, and you become His power, the power of His thought.

God kneels at your feet and serves you delicacies. He provides you a palace and innumerable treasures. He grants you freedom and imagination. He dubs you a creator, a starburst of your own.

He fashioned you after Him, like Him, in His image of Godness, Himness, lovingness.

He gave you speech in order to touch one another with His thoughts.

He gave you, Gloria, a notebook to record His thoughts. And He gave you me, a Mother Divine, to hearten and heighten you, and to display His depth and breadth.

His step made mountains for you to climb and slide down.

He made sticks grow out of the hearth to provide you good and shade.

He manifested streaming water for you to drink and see yourself in.

Look more deeply within the water, and your soul will rise up and overshadow the reflection of your earthly form.

The light of your soul is reflected in the sky by the stars. The stars are your puppetmasters because they are your spark.

Look to the stars, and you will see God. Look to the Heavens, and you will be there.

Look to the day and the night, and you will know all.

Look into the eyes of others’ hearts from your own, and you will witness God and His love and His beauty, for they are yourself.

God sets you afloat in an unsinkable boat, and you paddle through life, now a paddle on the left, now on the right. The waves show you have paddled there.

Cudgel not the world but paddle your boat with a serene purpose, and travel the shores of life in your little canoe until you meet the center of the Ocean, and know Its Name.

Splash in your boat and surmount the waves. Ease in with the tide, and you will be Home.

God sent you on your journey, and He welcomes you back. He traveled with you, so He welcomes Himself back.

Mighty is our God the Ocean upon whom we swim.

Mighty is God the water and swoop of life.

Mighty is the Father Who watches over His children, lets them roam, but never out of His sight, ever in His heart.

Mighty is the heart of God.

Mighty is His Song.

Mighty His Voice as He calls you to Him a thousand and more ways.

How does He call you? He calls you by your name, and you come before Him and accept His blessings that He puts upon you, and you become His blessing, and you are His blessing, and you are His Will.

You are His line in the ocean.

So be it. Be His line, and know you are His as He is yours and that you are one irrevocable Holy One, you Holy One of God.

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