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Is it God or Mother Divine?

Mother Divine:

It is Mother Divine.


And what would you like to tell me, Divine Mother?

Mother Divine:

Form a line of your heart with your mind. Not either to the side but both in line with themselves.

The heart is the helmsman, and the mind is the rudder. The heart steers the ship, and the mind follows.

Heart and mind are two sides of the same coin. They are not a toss-up. They are one.

The heart is the director, and the mind is the director’s assistant.

It is not the other way around.

The mind does not take over. If it does, life becomes anemic.

If one listens with the heart, the mind will follow. Follow the heart means to listen to God and obey. Follow the heart means to steer your boat in the direction of the stars.

The stars show you your way.

The stars stream their light so your heart can see across the waves.

Do not follow the waves because they take you nowhere. They just rumble you around.

The stars light your heart. Your heart gets lit up. The light of your heart echoes to the brain. The brain does not chart your course. The stars do.

Consider your heart a boat that sails the seas of life.

Consider your heart a flag that flies high.

Consider your heart a woven basket of dreams.

Consider your heart a flag that waves down love, and love stops and enters itself.

Consider your heart a pulse of light that signals other hearts.

Consider your heart a portion of God’s Will, God’s Love, and God’s Wisdom.

Consider your heart the Knower. Consider your mind the apparatus. Consider your life the process of knowing. Heart and mind unite the process of life.

Life is a processing plant. It is a filter. It winnows.

You are the product, and you are a by-product.

You come out the same and not the same, never the same, but always the same.

You are a child of light. Light is eternal and universal, and it also flickers and alters its light by the time of day and the shade of a tree. And yet it is light eternal that never goes out.

Your heart is a torch of light.

Hold your heart high. Trust your heart. Trust what it tells you. Look not to the mind to tell you because the mind will lead you astray. The mind will fool you and confuse you. Mind follows heart.

The mind serves the heart. Thus is the mind in line with the heart.


Dear Mother Divine, what does this mean in terms of my life?

Mother Divine:

Do what your heart wants, and don’t do what your heart does not.


Is it that simple?

Mother Divine:

Yes, it is that simple. The question is not to do what your mind tells you you must. The question is to follow the course of your heart. You are responsible for following your heart and not another’s.

There is no guide but your heart. God, of course. I and Christ naturally. But where do We reside but in your heart?

Your heart is a compass. Follow your compass.


So my thinking to encourage clients to come to me and encourage myself to take them because I need the money is off-track?

Mother Divine:

Way offtrack. Your heart wants to work with that lady who saved her pennies so she could come to you, and that is God’s Will. To beckon people to you for the purpose of money is less than your heart, not matter what good service you would give them. Be strong in your conviction to do God’s Will and move forward. Do not stand still. Do not go back.

Your life’s work is ahead of you and not behind. Follow that light you see. Surrender to it and do God’s Will. Evermore, you do God’s Will. You champion Him. He is your heart, and you work for Him.

Your main interest is HEAVEN. Is that not simple? You have one purpose — to give out God’s words. I will help you. The whole universe will help you as you are helping God.

You are God’s elf, that is all. You are not the bearer of aught but God’s light and God’s Will, and there is nothing easier nor simpler than that.

God thanks you for your assistance. He praises you, and He lifts you high. How honored you are.


I honor God, dear Mother.

Mother Divine:

And that is why you are honored.



Dear Mother Divine, today I was impatient, probably rude with this one lady who was working at My Lucky Day Resale Shop. She rubs me the wrong way, I know, and I will never go in there again when she is there. My question is: how can I be rude when you, God, and Christ are so much in my life?

Mother Divine:

Sometimes, Gloria, you need to think a little bit, not dwell on, but think. You reacted, and you overreacted.

What has Karen told you about staying neutral? Offer no resistance, and do as you wish.

That lady is condescending, but that is her issue, not yours, unless you make it so.

Remember that God and Christ and I all love you very much, and We will cool your irritation whenever you will remember to think of Us.

So, now, dear Daughter Divine, eat your supper, relax, watch TV, and go to bed early. Forgive yourself for being rude and forgive that lady for her personality, and chain God and me to your heart so you will not forget Us, even for a moment.

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