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Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, what more would you like to tell me?

Mother Divine:

Put away old things and ways of thinking. It is time for new. Time for joy. Time to take off your hat and shoes and put your feet up, have a glass of wine, and laugh!

Enough of so much soberness. Turn your mouth up instead of down.

I lasso you today into joy. I, Mother Divine, rope you out into the sunshine, the fresh air, and God’s world.

Enough is enough! Now ask me what you would like to ask.


Dear Mother Divine, this book that I am reading, The Monitor. I felt certain it was pure, but as I read more of the case histories, I started to feel yucky, like maybe the book isn’t so good for me to read after all.

Mother Divine:

What did you learn from the case histories, as presented?


Again, that what may seem awful in someone’s life and behavior may be correct, may not be karma, and may be right action. Not invariably; it depends on the soul’s particular stride. Something about polarity.

Also, I got the impression that many third-dimension people are successful and happy. They really belong in this world. But Wanderers (fourth, fifth, and sixth-dimension people) aren’t drawn in the direction of worldly success, and many appear messed-up. Also, many of the people who choose leadership are not capable of it, and those who are capable of it have no desire to.

What I am saying is what a great sage has said, that you cannot tell what state of consciousness someone is in from the outside.

I also have the impression that some situations are simply to be dropped, moved on from, like that mother with the most awful mean grown daughter. The mother needed to stop trying to stem the tide of events, and just stay away emotionally and every way.

The book also told of a mercenary who killed many, taught many how to kill, and he would not get any karma from his actions. I forget why.

Mother Divine:

Here, Gloria, are examples of how it is not possible to figure these things out, how it is better not to judge; you don’t have the knowledge to make any kind of intelligent judgment. All you know is what you see, what you think you see. Drawing conclusions about what you see is a waste of energy. What seems good to you may be, or it may not. What seems wrong to you may be, or it may not.

Your idea of what enlightenment has to be like is mistaken. All does not come golden. There is no way for you to know for someone else what is best and what is not, what is ideal and what is not.

You have your ideas and your predilections.

God looks on with love and compassion. He knows the next turn in the road and what came before. You do not. He knows the why’s and the wherefore’s. You do not. Not only is judgment harmful to the judger, the judgment may also be pure nonsense.

That is why Christ says in A Course in Miracles that there is nothing to forgive. Even those who enacted Jesus’ crucifixion were playing their soul’s parts, may have played them well to the letter, and for divine good.


The book also pointed out that some of the best teachers on earth may have taught negatively by example of what not to do and be, and they were high-level divine teachers!

Mother Divine:

A good point here, Gloria, is one stated again and again in the world, and that is to mind your own business. Leave the business of others to themselves. You do not handpick nor hand-refuse.

Let those who come to you come to you, and know still they are on their own. You are responsible for what YOU say and do, and not what anyone, anyone else, may say or do.

That is not your business. You are your business.


Are we not responsible to everyone for everything?

Mother Divine:

That is true as well, for you are separate from no one. But nor are you their puppetmaster. They are free, and you are free.

You have responsibility for yourself. Your life affects many others, as does everyone’s. Look to your life, Gloria, for you have no other but your own.

Gloria to God:

Dear Heavenly Father, do You wish to say something?


Is not your awareness expanding? Are you not growing up?




That book was very good for you, for it opened your eyes, and that is what it was intended to do. All your thinking of the past knocked down!

So now you think anew. It is the springtime of your thinking. New earth, new seeds, new plantings.

Hurrah for a fertile mind! Hurrah for a newly furrowed field! Hurrah for new awareness and all it brings! Watch what it brings.



Dear Almighty Father, today something nice happened. Well, the other day I had the idle thought that the blank wall in my office needs a picture to top off the short bookcase.

This morning I went into My Lucky Day Resale Shop, and there was a beautiful 25″ by 37″ print, nicely framed. The name of the print is Night and Her Train of Stars. The artist is Edward R. Hughes, 1857-1914. I feel an affinity with him.

Night is pictured as an angel with large wings holding a baby in her arms. I saw the night as Mother Night, and the print is filled with baby angels and flowers and birds and stars. I LOVE IT! And I got it for $5.00! I feel that things are looking up!


And it was easy, wasn’t it?


Oh, there was nothing to it. I wasn’t actively looking for a picture (as I am end tables), but there it was! I can hardly keep my eyes off that picture — it is so what I like!


Go for easy, dear Gloria. That is just right. Desire, and let go. Let the tool of your heart and mind work for you. Let things come to you. It is old thinking that you have to go out and make things happen by dint of your effort and strength.

Easy desire. Of course, there’s nothing wrong if you go out looking for a suitable picture. The thing is to not have to find it and anguish when you haven’t found it yet.

You will attract what you want and need. Next, your end tables. I will start looking for you and see that they are manifested for you.


Oh, God, that’s so sweet.


Whom do You think arranged that beautiful print for you and at such a good price!


Oh, You, God! Thank You! I mean I really love that picture.


It catches the enchantment of My creation.

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