The Playing Field of Life | Heavenletters


God said:

No offense, Beloveds. Concede. My One All-Seeing Actual Vision of Life overtakes all Human Viewpoints by a Mile. How clearly I see Life and how your vision is obscured. Look over My shoulder. I give you the God’s Truth, whereas you vouchsafe an opinion.

I bless you for your good Heart for Humanity.

I know how Life appears to you who see from the front lines of Life. Surely, there are areas of Life that you would rush to remove. I am not naïve. I know how frightening and unfair Life appears to you. I am not cavalier. I well know that Life as you see it is by no means a Barrel of Laughs.

I don’t scoff at your fears. I love your Goodness and Mercy for others and for yourself as well. Of course, you would remove all fear from the world just like that. You don’t know how to stuff fear and sorrow under your pillow in a second. You would discard fear and suffering from the perception in the world in a trice if you had any say in it. I do not make light of your suffering, yet I pose that perhaps you do have some say in suffering whether you like it or not.

Suffering isn’t My Heart’s desire for you.

Of course, I see from a different angle or angles than you do. I see near and far and wide, long-range — while you may see near and not so far. This is how it is.

Of course, you never want fear or pain to ravage you, not even one day a year or one half-day every ten years. You want to abolish fear and pain. You don’t want any kind of agony ever for anyone. Agony feels too much like punishment to you. Of course, you wouldn’t give two cents for it. You would gladly remove all that you see as negativity from the world, for you see it so well.

Dear Ones, just like cold and hot, fear and pain do exist in the world. They are available to all on no good basis that you can see.

Fortunately, Joy and Love and Laughter and Well-Being are offered up to you as well. Life in the world also carries blessings by the fistful. Of course, who wouldn’t want to accept all God’s Blessings.

Never would you want to imbalance or obscure even one blessing from anyone on the Playing Field of Life.

Not on the best day would you or want to skip even one of these blessings, not by a long shot. What would you pick out to trade in instead? Life on the deepest levels doesn’t barter, yet, of course, there are choices to make.

If you could, you would fiercely defend even one child on Earth from suffering and from what is loosely called dying. You would. Nevertheless, this opportunity isn’t available to you. No matter how much this would mean to you, you don’t know how. This enactment would mean a lot to you. I have heard you beseech Me with the totality of your Heart for this ability. I know there are times when you would give your own Life in exchange, yet this isn’t your option either.

Don’t think of Me as a willful God or Will-less God or a Merciless God.

Earth Life has been set in motion. This is the State of Affairs.

In everyday Life, to change the schedule of one train, there is much that has to be taken into account. There are variables to put in place. Life isn’t just hit or miss. A change of one link of a chain of events changes in the world what you see as a sequence. Life is put together impeccably.

Beloveds, even with all the goodness in your Heart and Love for all, Life is to be as it is. Even with the Highest of Motives, there are unknown factors. And there are sometimes motives that exist in the world that are not of the Highest.

In the world, all motives are not equal. All in all, I think you would better leave Life to Me as I have set it up.