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God said:

How puzzling it is to you how Life seems to pop up in the raw? It so happens you are fashioned by every bit of Life, every incident, and, yet, how can this be? Really? Everything has an affect on you? Every incident in your Life, the lovely and the unlovely? Every person whose path you cross? Those who charm you, and those who besmirch you, the ones who speak up and those who say not a word, all those who seem to brighten your spirit as well as those who dash it? Really? Every word spoken across the world or whispered in your ear, early in Life or late in Life, every word spoken to you or spoken to someone else? Every word that gives happiness or troubles you? How can this be? Surely you are greater than the sum total of what you hear and see and think of?

You must add up to more than everyone who admires you or who drifts away from you, including every child who you went to kindergarten with. How can they make much of a difference to your Life?

Everyone who lives and everyone who dies, every stranger you pass by and everyone you say hello to, every sound you hear, every book whose title you glance over, every page you turn? Every cloud that passes overhead, every laugh, every cry, every shot heard around the world? How can this be?

Beloveds, you are developed from every color and flower that blooms and every scent you breathe and every drop of rain that lands on your nose or every puddle you step into? And, yes, of course, you really do come from the Stars and My Influence no matter how subtle.

Yes, you come from more than you know. You come from My Heart. Miracle of miracles, you are carried to Earth in the Palm of My Hand. You are A-Okay no matter how you might debate this.

The language that is yours to speak, you speak. You touch down in the country you are designed to touch down in. You reach the exact family you are born to. You are born from Fate, from shock, from surprise, from mystery, from trial and error, from any number of occasions, from adventure, and still you wonder about all the mystery that surrounds your exisence. Even so, you are just right. I dreamed you. You are part of a Major Plan. You are as you are meant to be.

You can’t change your mind now. You choose yourself. At the same time, you may regret yourself. You might make new choices on another day. One way or the other, you land as you do. All the while, you wonder how it is you arise as you have in this express way. Ostensibly, you could have arrived by any number of routes, yet you arrive by one and not another.

Sometimes you are happier or sadder than you can believe. You fall into a certain career. You are blown sky-high. Sometimes you really don’t have any idea of who you exactly are and how you could happen to arise as you have. You discuss all this with yourself for the sake of argument.

Nevertheless, as otherworldly as Life may feel to you, you do come up for air. You alight on Earth as you are supposed to for one reason as good as any other — for all the sense you can make of it.

In terms of Life on Earth, you wonder how you really turn out. Is this all good news, after all this that you would never ever have dreamed of in a million years?

Can it really be true that you journeyed through Infinity? Will you really reach Home, and what will you make of it when you do? What becomes of you now when all is said and done?

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