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God’s response to A Course in Miracles, Lesson 298:

That is a prayer well worth receiving, and giving as well.

Did you know that prayers are a giving?




When you give Me a prayer, you give Me yourself. You return the gift to the Giver. Gratefully accepted, your prayers. Gratefully accepted are you. Thank you for asking Me.


God, what a Gentleman you are. More than that, of course, but that also … Now what else would You like to tell me?


I would like to tell you that you are doing well with HEAVEN. I like what you are doing, how you have edited. HEAVEN will meet the common consciousness very well.

Have no concern about eliminating sections as you see fit for any reason. For delicacy, for clarity, for appeal. No problem. I cover everything again from one angel or another. Nothing will be lost ever.

Congratulations on your progress, which is Mine as well. You are reaching the finishing line now for publication. You are chomping at the bit. Can you just feel the editors’ mouths watering for this joy of the Book HEAVEN?

It is good also how you recognize that you are one link in the chain. You pass on your bucket and so on.

That is good to be unattached to all this as yours. It is yours, and it is Mine, and it is Ours, and it belongs to everyone and none.

HEAVEN is a breeze that blows and takes its own course. A tree may fan it along. It may brush your face, but wind always belongs to itself and follows its own course. HEAVEN, once set in motion, has a will of its own, and it moves fast.

Think of the eager hearts that will devour it. Think of the lives it will capture and set on a new path. Think of the hearts that will meet in HEAVEN. Think of the joy it will stir, hearts it will men, eyes it will lift. HEAVEN is an upswing. It is a baton that starts new music. It is an awakener. It wakes up sleeping hearts.

Blessed are the hearts that awake.

Blessed are My words that stir them.

Blessed are you for taking dictation.

Blessed are the editors and publishers for recognizing its need.

Blessed are the printers and pressmen.

Blessed are the readers of HEAVEN.

Blessed are their hands that hold it and turn the pages.

Blessed is the paper it is written on.

Blessed are its messages that fly on wings of ink.

Blessed are We all.


Dear God, tonight Nancy’s sister-in-law Diane called me to tell me how much she loved the Godwriting and Mother Divine writing Nancy shares with her and how much they mean to her. She said she gets just what she needs to hear.

That boisters me very much. And maybe I’ll make appreciative telephone calls when I think of it instead of just thinking of it.

Today I have a packet ready to send to Hay House, Inc. All I have left to do is my short bio — and then mail it all out.

I even think that putting the packet together contributed to making Diane’s telephone call happen.


Of course it helped. Energy out. Energy in. It is so simple.


Thank You, dear God. And now, dear Mother Divine, do you wish to say something to me?

Mother Divine:

I wish to say you are running the last lap in your race for publication!

I notice that you have calmed down and are moving forward.

Some of the spirit of energy you are experiencing comes from its really sinking in to you that you are truly a messenger and not liable for nor credited with the publication of HEAVEN.

You are the one who takes the dictation, types it, and sends it out. Period.

God does the real work.

And I tell you that is how all of life is. You do as He wills, and then you are done, and God takes care of the rest.

It is the same for people looking for work. It is the same for people looking for a husband. And it is the same for you in looking for a publisher.

How easy it is when you do your task, and then are done. That is non-attachment. That is neutrality.

You do your part, leave it, and go home to meditate or watch TV.

In the morning, you return to your work where you left off and then leave it again with freedom.

In this way, you abolish worry, because what comes after is not your concern.

You feed your puppies. You take care in what you feed them, and you take great pleasure in it. You love to watch them gobble up what you have prepared for them.

But you do not concern yourself with thoughts such as: Is the food still in their esophagus? Or is it in their stomachs now? Is it digesting? No, you feed your puppies and go on to other things.

That is living life in the moment, taking care of now and leaving what follows to itself.

So you send HEAVEN into the mail. Once it is mailed, your job is done. Get the next packet ready, and then the same.

You shovel the coal in. You stoke the fire. You open the damper.

And that is how you serve God.

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