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God said:

Harken to the NEW! Add the word New to your vocabulary. Be new. Ah, yes, release the old. The fact is that you are New today. Be a Breath of Fresh Air. Reach new Heights. Reach new Lengths. Introduce yourself to your Self.

See from a New View. Add New Layers to yourself Include New Dimensions. There is One Truth. There are no New Truths.

Beloveds, I state the obvious. Life in the World is ever new.

Today’s day doesn’t come again.

There is no same old. Never. No day repeats itself.

This is another way of of My saying to you:

“Wake up, Godlings! A New Dawn never before seen is dawning.”

I continue now:

Newness is upon you. Remind yourself that you are in the midst of Life. Somersault yourself into Today. This is your chance right now.

Today spin Cartwheels, and why not?

You belong to Today.

Stretch! It is not for you to keep sitting in Life. Get out of your lawn chair. Keep lively. So long as you are alive on Earth, be spontaneous. This is how to greet Life. Do make something of it. Welcome Life, and give Today a new send-off.

Do you remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? They set off to seek their Fortune. Each Little Pig put a knap-sack over his shoulder and set off. The Three Little Pigs didn’t lollygaggle around and wait for their fortune to set sail for them. Of course, Goodness in Life has the vitality to chase after you as well.

On the other hand, you can exercise get-up-and-go. You are not obliged to sit around in Life and just be idle waiting for the day to dawn.

How do you know that your anticipation won’t awaken the Sun today?

Now, what then did happen to the noteworthy Three Little Pigs? How did they fare?

Actually, it dawns on Me now that the Story of The Three Little Pigs doesn’t carry the theme I had in mind I beg your pardon. On Second Thought, The Story of The Three Little Pigs actually carries the theme of Safety First. Safety First also has merit. Right now I wish to carry forward the idea of Get up and go! Of Liveliness. Of Moving Forward to Something New, of a New Fairy Tale. You see the point I’m trying to make, don’t you?

Of course, at first, the Three Little Pigs do go out to seek their Fortune, yet the ending of the story doesn’t support this. We can just focus on the beginning of the story which isn’t Staid and Safe.

Now I have an opportunity to say you don’t always have to be practical. Not at all. This is exactly what I am saying. In case you might like this fairy tale to its conclusion in defense of making Life secure more than an adventure, let Me tell you the denouement:

In the tale, there was a big bad wolf. Of course, there was a Big Bad Wolf. Of course, I want to convey to you the opposite of danger. I want you to think of security and not danger whatsoever. Forget about the Big Bad Wolf. Get off the track of danger. Enough of that.

So, if you do want Me to tell you the rest of the actual story, here it is:

In looking to avert danger, each of the Three Little Pigs decided to build Houses that would keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf. One Little Pig built a house of straw, another of twigs, and the Wisest Oldest Pig built a house of brick which protected all the Three Pigs and led to the demise of the Big Bad Wolf.

My preference is that you venture forth to seek your fortune and put fear aside. Follow My guidance, okay?

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