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Dear Mother Divine, I had a dream last night. Lauren and I were on some kind of mission, perhaps we were spies, perhaps in a movie. We were up in a plane or spacecraft, and we could see the galaxies below us. It was so beautiful, the night sky beneath us rather than above, all lit up. In the dream I think, How can that be done? How can we appear to be so high up.

A pilot answers something like: A plane goes so high and this had been photographed, so we were seeing the picture of the night scene, not the actual night scene below us. It was so lovely to see the stars from above them.

Were we flying above the galaxies? Was God the pilot? Or an angel? And were we spies from earth?

Mother Divine:

It was a true experience. You visited other realms. You often do. It is part of your training so you will be able to calm the world, bring love to it, sprinkle God’s light.

In the dream, you were descending, returning to your movie role on earth. It is good. All good.


Dear Mother Divine, Sandy, who was my friend so many years ago in Massachusetts, and I was her matron of honor — Sandy and I have reconnected. Now her husband is seriously ill. I am feeling very close to her.

Sandy emailed me, and she told me something she never had before, that her husband had once said to her, “Gloria is an angel.”

Sandy asked me if I were an angel, and I said that maybe we are both angels, pulled to earth. It was an idle statement, but I wonder now if it isn’t the truth.

Mother Divine:

It is the truth. All on earth are souls pulled there. What is a divine soul but an angel? And what are human souls but divine ones cast into a movie on the earth planet? Sparks of God in mortal bodies playing charades.

Unpeel the disguises, the roles, and there lies a soul bared, workings its way back to God the best it can.

Consider human life a board game. All are placed somewhere on that board. Some are closer to the destination (their destiny) than others; some take bigger steps, some more gradual, but all pass Go.

And that is human life. And despite what it may seem, it is always forging ahead. Even detours move you forward even as you go back for at some point the detour catches up and meets the main path, and you find you are on it.

Oh, Gloria, the treasures I could tell you of. But you will see for yourself by and by.

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 299:
“Eternal holiness abides in me … Holiness itself created me, and I can know my Source because it is Your Will that You be known.”


Dear God, is that what Mother Divine was saying?




Will You add something?


I add My love, the whole of it. I pour it into each of My children. It is My love that sustains you each day. And is My love not enough to pull you to Heaven?

That is what I do every day. Pull you to Heaven. Did I not say once that you were my fish on the line? What did you think you were?

And so, My love, We do not part ways. Whatever step you take, whether you go left or right, or stay still, laugh or weep, I am with you, adoring you, enjoying you, waiting for you to see Me fully, to wake up to My presence and My love.

My presence and love are one and the same, and you and I too are the same love and the same beating heart and the same Oneness.

How lovely to walk hand in hand with you.


Thank You. Don’t I try Your patience sometimes?


The fish wriggling on the end of the line doesn’t try my patience! You are only wiggling on the end of the line, but you have let Me catch you, and I will pull you all the way up, which, despite the wiggling, grumbling etc. is what you want.


Pull me faster, dear God!


I am. I AM.



Dear Mother Divine, I had a good talk with Jill this morning. I am more up front with her, and she gets more real.

Mother Divine:

It is very good to be up front. It makes everything easier on all sides.

Now, do your meditation and know that all your friends in Heaven are with you.


Dear God, Jill asked me if I would ask You about her left shoulder and knee. Her left knee is still swollen from her fall, and her left shoulder hurts. Jill thought perhaps these were from her not following your suggestion before about soaking in epsom salts.


Dear Jill, I am not a God of retribution nor punishment. I am a God of freedom. I gave you free will. I did not give you an order to use epsom salts. It was a suggestion.

Perhaps your knee is still swollen because it takes a while for all swelling to leave.

It would be good to put your hands on your knee when you think of it.

As for your shoulder, think nothing of it. It will go its own way.

Constriction of the body comes from constriction of the mind.

If you would be a newborn babe without old ideas and thinking, it would not be possible for you to have a pain.

Give yourself freedom, and your body will have freedom.

You put many barriers around yourself. You do very well, dear Jill of My heart, but there is tendency to box yourself in.

There is not need to put your attention on your shoulder or knee or your body at all.

Free your mind, and your body will fly.

Let me say once again that I am a God of freedom, and I am your God, and I watch over you. You can relax and be and enjoy and untie the strings of your heart.

I shower you with My blessings and love and welcome you to Heaven. Let go, and come, My child Jill, Jill of the Fountain, Jill of Wealth, Jill of Joy, Jill of Beauty, Jill of a thousand sparkles and God’s light.

Remember joy first.

Freedom first.

Love first.

Ease first.

Throw away judgements. Bless all. Greet all. My children cry for your love.

How does your shoulder feel now? How does your heart feel now? How will you loosen bonds and embrace the citizens of the world?

May you see My light in all and welcome me in all, for all are a reflection of yourself and of My light.

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