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God said:

On the surface of Life, everything changes. Everything seems to change before your very eyes. Nothing stays the same. Nothing stays. You have to keep catching up. Business is no longer as usual.

In the Depths, Life is ever Eternal and never-changing. This is the Eternity you keep hearing about.

On the level of the ephemeral world, nothing stays fixed. In one sense, Life, what you call Life, is shifting sand. It never stays where it was.

You race along. You desire to get caught up or are being caught up to.

You are in a time warp. You want to catch up with time, or you wish to get past it.

All the while, you hear Me say that time does not exist. Yes, I have told that you that Life, Life Beautiful as well as Life fractious — Life, altogether is illusion right from the get-go.

Of course, the Magnificence of Life also exists down to Earth.

Nothing has to be momentous, nor is anything denied its momentousness.

You are the one who sees. Who knows how well you see yourself, if at all.

You would be glad if you were truly conversant with yourself or would meet yourself half way.

Here you are again wondering what Life, your Life in particular, is about. Where are you going? Are you getting anywhere?

Sometimes you feel you are in a deluge of getting somewhere all the while that there is no such thing as anywhere.

You would love to fly to the Moon and land on all the Stars and to be Columbus who discovered a New Land.

You would love to wake up in Heaven at the shake of a leg. Yes, you yearn for a New Land on Earth, and where is it? Where has it been? What is holding up this New Land. Does it exist?

It must be here somewhere. Time for you to discover New Shores. Yes, that could be it – New Shores. New Acquaintances. No more embargoes.

Once upon a time, you thought your feet were on the ground. Sometimes you feel that your feet hardly have hardly grazed the ground. You sure don’t know what to make of it.

You might like to be Mercury who flies free. On the other hand, the freedom you crave could be disconcerting.

You cannot find yourself at the same time you can’t hide yourself any longer either.

You are quite clear you are not meant to be a reporter of the news nor a discoverer of it.

You belong here on Earth somewhere at the same time it seems implausible that you belong aimiably anywhere.

What is your investigative mind to investigate and what for?

While you are on the topic, what amounts to anything anyway, and why would you risk it? If all is illusion anyway, why go there? Yet you do. You do again and again in your dreams and with with the possibility of more.

What is before you? And what is behind you? With what do you compare? You have just come off the boat. You would call off your search for tomorrow if you could, or you would get started in your search if you had any idea how to.

You do not believe that the Moon is made of cheese.

You do wonder if a even a nodding acquaintance perhaps?

Are you an explorer or are simply a map follower. You would like to come to a conclusion. So far, you are still up in the air yet not like an astronaut. You would be on target if knew where that might be. You would report to headquarters if you could find it.

Meanwhile, you will just mosey along as you are out of sight and out of bounds. You will peek out at the world without much aplomp.

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