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    The Event – what everyone is waiting for, the “in a twinkling of an eye all will be changed” event. Not everyone is going to remain in their bodies; those who are not centered in their hearts will not survive the flood of cosmic energy as they are already struggling. If you have been watching alternative news sources, you have perhaps witnessed the agitation and panic among the so-called global elite who are determined to prevent the rest of the planet from ascending. Their efforts are in vain as this cosmic flash from the Great Central Sun is a cyclic, natural happening for the sake of ALL life in the Universe/Multiverses. Our ancestors endeavored to warn us of the inevitability of this occurrence through messages left in stone. Our recent controllers chose to repress and deny our collective memory of these cycles, but it is beyond the control of mere men. The Event will happen and happen soon. Prepare yourself. Stay out of fear. Endeavor to remain in your heart at all times. Remember the words of Yeshua.

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